Do you like Art? 


The Raglan Shire Art Walk is almost upon us!  The art walk is a non-juried show that allows artists of all levels to showcase their artwork in Second Life.  It’s open to all artists from anywhere on the grid & I highly suggest that, if you’re an artist, come and showcase your masterpieces.

I absolutely LOVE going to the art walk every year. It’s such a big event that introduces you to so many talented people as well as events and, of course, ART! 

If you’re interested in showcasing your art then you can apply HERE. You have until Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT.  Not an artist? Then don’t fret! You can come and enjoy the show from some of the best artists in Second Life. This years show will run from Sunday May 4th through Sunday May 25th. 

Need more info on this years Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014? You can check out their website for more information. I’ve also placed a sign at my in-world office that you can click for links and more information.


Spread the word about ART!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Info On The Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014:

Registration closes on Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT

Registration & Information Website

SLurl To my office where I’ve placed a sign with information.

The Art Walk will run from May 4th – May 25th

I want to thank Karmagirl Avro, Artwalk Director and the 
Artwalk Assistants: Dagmar Klaar & Liandras Jameson for all of their hard work to put together this years walk.


Spring Is In The Air…Or Whatever…

It’s been a super busy April so far. Spring break came and went. Bunneh Day is coming soon. I plan on traveling to a dog walk event to help animals looking to be adopted. We’ve made some changes in the studio and are working on Shire Podcast stuff.

I need a nap!



OK. So what’s going on in the virtual world of Second Life?  

Besides new shopping events? Not really too much of anything. Instead I’ve decided to make a list of ten random Second Life thoughts as well as quick places/events to visit (or not).

Tipsy’s Awesome List Of Random Virtual Thoughts!

1. High Heels with socks are fucking SLupid. There. I said it. SLupid!

2. Why does every fashion blogger have males looking like anorexic hipsters? Where are the realistic bearded men who aren’t hipsters, hip hop artists, or flat-out douche bag looking?

3. The Virtual State Fair (G) is still in-world. I’ve written about them off and on for years now. It hasn’t really changed. There isn’t any mesh builds lying around yet it’s still a pretty cool, educational place to visit. I am mentioning because I suggest you check out the Reality Check Cafe that is a game to help you figure out how much exercise it will take you to burn off your restaurant meal.

4. Dwarfins creep me out.

5. Eggapalooza is currently going on at Aero Pines Park. It is their 7th annual Easter Hunt.  It will go on until April 30th.

6. You can play Cheesy at the podcast office, watch television, hang, & learn about the podcast.

7. I’ve never played a game in Second Life. Except trivia. OK. I’ve never taken the time to play a board game. All of these years and I’ve never taken the time to do it.

8. I’m drinking cranberry juice & wandering around Second Life making this list. It’s not even 8am as I write this. A girls gotta sometimes drink something other than martini’s in the morning. Her liver says thank you.

9. There is a replica of the chocolate factory from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory in Second Life. The candy man can you know.

10. I did not bother with April Fools Day. This is why there was no wacky post that day. It’s not a holiday. It’s stupid.

There. I made a list. Woo! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Opening Day

If you know me then you probably know that I am the BIGGEST BASEBALL FAN ON EARTH! More importantly I am the biggest Detroit Tigers fan you’ll meet. Today is opening day and I’ve got my Cabrera jersey on. I’ve planned a party. I’ve wept tears of joy over that fact that Winter is now officially over since baseball is back.


To celebrate opening day I want to give you a neato list of virtual baseball places in Second Life.  Wait…I’m looking through search…shopping shopping shopping… Nope. No baseball stadiums.

This is what disappoints me about Second Life. It’s bee, for quite some time now, reduced to nothing but people buying virtual outfits and not really doing anything. Except for, maybe, wolf yelling in a club.  There are a few sports related areas that give us at least something different.  You have the SLCS Sports Complex (G) that is home to the SL Cheerleading squad. They cheer for a number of sports (football, soccer). You also have the VHL – Virtual Hockey League (G) that gives you the feel of a real stadium experience. (I LOVE hockey & am a HUGE Detroit Red Wings Fan.) I give props to both the cheerleaders and the hockey league. They are an experience in Second Life that is both amazing and worth your time to check out.

The VHL Rink.

The VHL Rink.

I did find a few places offering “Best In Sports” events for opening day but, come on, it’s basically a club. It’s no different then a “Best In Red” or “Best In Ass-Less Chaps”. Alas I have been denied my virtual baseball experience. Doesn’t really matter since there is something called “Real Life” and it is opening day. What I would like to see, however, is a shift away from buying prim boobs or boots or whatever the hip fashion avies are doing today. I’d like to see us step into creating and recreating. Recreate fantastic things we see in the the real world. Create new things that no one has ever seen before. Give us something to make us happy to spend our time here.

With that…may you find something baseball related in Second Life (And send it to me!) and have a GREAT opening day. 

Unless you’re the Kansas City Royals. Then I hope the Detroit Tigers kick the crap out of you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Bistro Monday

I don’t think that “Bistro Monday” is a thing but I went to a bistro. I wrote about it. It’s a Monday. It’s close enough for me.

Today I put on my biggie and went forth into that mysterious land we call Second Life in search of prim food & a good place to take people if you want to pretend to hang out and eat. Maybe chat over a glass of wine. Pretend to eat food. Get your power lunch meeting on.  I am, strangely enough, big into the whole restaurant roleplaying. If I want to have a conversation with someone or take them someplace nice I like doing it in a food related setting. It feels more relaxed and can be quite fun when you’re looking for something other than just standing around.

I actually happened across a place called Bella Bistro (M) that works perfectly. It gives you a well-rounded experience from restaurant roleplaying to romantic dinners. It is not a full service restaurant equipped with waiters and waitresses so you’re on your own to make the experience that you want. (I was there when no one was around so you never know if you might actually run into someone who’s pretending to be a bartender or staff.)

I found the bar!

I found the bar!

They do claim a “full menu and drinks” but I found that the red checkered tables I sat at did not include a place mat for food. Some of the tables were pre-decorated with food or flowers but did not offer a choice.

Dinner For Two.

Dinner For Two.

The large table for a big group of people did actually have a place mat with food choices. Everything from appetizers to dinner.

I Really Dig Hummus!

I Really Dig Hummus!

You’ll find Bella Bistro (M) in Second Norway & I do recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a quiet place to role play restaurant or just take a friend for a private chat in a food related setting. There wasn’t a sign saying that I could not go as my small otter self so I might grab a friend & have a bite to eat as regular ol’ me.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Patty’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mr. C. Cow & I started our day out by hanging out at the podcast office celebrating our Irish-ness. Earlier he was hanging out by the taxi offering everyone a drink.


I think he ended up wandering back inside mooing something about “learning how to jig”. I’m hoping her learns how because I could really use a jigging partner. I bet you didn’t realize that Mr. C. Cow is part Irish. His Uncle Oisin was an Irish Moiled. I’m not exactly sure if he’s making this up or not (He did try to tell me once that he was related to Jimooooo Hendrix). Doesn’t matter to me if he’s fibbing a bit because he’s having fun being Irish today. 

We’ve recently remodeled the offices to give us a place to do live podcasts for the Raglan Shire, as well as give everyone a place to hang out. What’s the point of having a place if people can’t hang out in it?


Right now we’ve got a place to chill and chat, our live podcast area, as well as Cheesy & Chatterbox for anyone to come and play. Feel free to wander around, get information on what we do, & have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

We all hope that you have a wonderful, and safe, St. Patty’s Day. I think I just heard a large “CRASH” which means that either Mr. C. Cow fell over due to too much Irish alcoholic beverages or he knocked over a lamp while trying to eat the rugs again.

May your beer be green and your luck be Irish today!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurls & Links & Stuff:

Podcast/SLA Office

Raglan Shire Podcast Page

How To Listen

What is an “Irish Moiled” anyways?


Let Them Eat Cake!

I was wearing a hat that had candy on it the other day when I decided that I needed to find a place that matched my hat.

Besides booze this is sometimes how I get my review ideas.

I’m happy that my candy hat inspired me to look up virtual food because I want to give major props to a new sim called “Bobtail Bakery & Friends” (M). The first thing that drew me to it was the that their description used such great words like “Chubby”, “fatfurs”, & “feeding”. I have to tell you that with words like “Feedee” & “Feederism” I was actually afraid I was going to walk into some weird sexual food fetish thing.  This was not the case and I’m extremely glad I looked past the description words to come check them out.



What I got was a beautifully put together sim with a shiny new looking bakery. Beautifully decorated. Beautiful build. I’m just going to use the word “Beautiful” a lot in this review because that’s what it is. While I was taking pictures of the sim and the bakery the owner of the sim stopped in, greeted me, and welcomed me to the Bobtail Bakery. They were a delightful person to talk to, polite, and made my visit worth my time.

Beautiful Sim!

Beautiful Sim!

I actually kept my landmark to the Bobtail Bakery (M) and plan on visiting often in the future. I would like to come back when there are more people around to see how everyone interacts with each other. It takes a lot for me to want to visit a place again and, between the decor, and the friendly owner I plan on coming back again and again.

I suggest that you come and give them a visit. Partake in the virtual foods. Relax. And enjoy!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Mesh Service

I think I ended up re-writing today’s “March Mesh Madness” article name at least seven times. Almost went with “The Adventures Of Invisi-boobs” but it was too long. I do now plan on using it for the name of my first feature film.

If I ever make one. 

Before we can discuss today’s foray into the wild world of rezzing mesh I must first share with you the photo with which we shall stare at and discuss.


You have to love rezzing mesh! It cuts out the middle man of comedy and brings it straight to your eyeballs. I have absolutely no clue what I that means exactly but we’ll go with it anyways. This meshy mess of rezzing has brought us a lack of hair, shoes, and (if you haven’t noticed the GIANT BLANK SPOT!!) boobs. It’s almost like an invisible cloak titty top.

Yeah baby…I’m wearing my invisible titty top. You like what you can’t see?!!?!

I was at a very high traffic area where there was mesh not rezzing everywhere so I was never able to see exactly what was supposed to be in the boob/top area. I like to imagine that it was something really epic like a halter top with a nipple hanging out or something made of fine virtual leather. This is why I love virtual worlds. Everything tells a story. Even the things that don’t appear.

Go forth into the virtual world that is Second Life. Explore. Stare at mesh that hasn’t appeared yet. Have fun with life. Eat a cookie. Stop drop and roll.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Mesh Mess

I really should have named this article “No boobs. No Ass. No Service.”

I said last week that I am declaring the month of March to officially be “March Mesh Madness”. As to not confuse anyone I want to point out that this has nothing to do with Second Life fashion, shopping, or telling you the best mesh that is out there. I am actually dedicating this month to that point where you first rez into a place.

You know what I’m talking about you virtual world geeks you.

I know that I mentioned it quickly last week but I want to make it clear what we are talking about. A review if you would like to call it that. It is that moment where you get to an extremely crowded place in Second Life and not everything or everyone is rezzed in yet. Some people are gray while other people are half there. When someone has an avatar or is wearing pieces on an avatar that is comprised of mesh it doesn’t always rez right away.

Unless you’re using the ultimate power of the dark side, high shelf liquor, a killer internet connection, and the ghost of Steve Jobs.

That is what “March Mesh Madness” is all about. That weird moment where you see people who might be nothing but a stupid pair of lips or an eyeball. It makes us all laugh. With that laughter comes a time we need to share pictures of some of the greatest rez in mesh moments. It’s a quick moment in time that takes having your virtual camera ready to shoot.  Here is today’s March Madness Mesh moment that completely sums up what I am trying to do this month.


I absolutely LOVE this example of mesh madness. Not only are we missing so many various body parts but it is also a great example in what “SLupidity” is. I mean, come on, after I was rezzed in perfectly that tattoo STILL looked like that.  Who feels that it looks really good to walk out into the virtual public with a tattoo that looks like a cross between a painting that got wet and some sort of weird stain? To each his own but, holy shit, you’ve got something on your side that looks diseased. You might consider having a doctor check you out. You know. Just to be safe.

I would like to point out that I absolutely love mesh. I am actually one of those people who are glad it came to the grid. I have been able to have such an easier time decorating lands and finding builds that not only not impact my land when it comes to what I can put out but actually doesn’t look like absolute shit. I also think the clothing looks extremely good compared to the system crap we use to have. It also looks EXCELLENT when it hasn’t rezzed in yet. You know who you are you boobless, hairless, messes.

So…here’s to the March Mesh Madness. May the body parts be missing. The humor be plenty. And the sarcasm be super thick.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“Having a tattoo that is a cross between melted crayon wax and binge drinking vomit is completely SLupid.”

March Mesh Madness

The month of March starts tomorrow and I was trying to think of a great theme to go with the month. After much thought (and sifting through various photos I’ve taken) I’ve officially declared March to be “March Mesh Madness”!!!


I’m not talking about dedicating a month to mesh fashion or even shopping for mesh. I’m talking about those moments when you rezz into a place filled with individuals wearing nothing but mesh. Before everything comes in clearly you see people who are nothing but hair, or an arm. Those funny moments where you can’t help but giggle as their expensive outfits (and we can’t forget those damn mesh boobs/feet/hands) are not appearing as of yet. I dedicate this month to you Mesh Warrior.

OK. Actually I just wanted to giggle at stupid pictures.

As I run into great opportunities of non-rezzed half mesh individuals I shall share my pictures. May we go through March not wiser but at least laughing.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Sand, Surf, SEX

Valentine’s Day may be over but I still said that the month of February was “Luuuuv Month”. To continue with our theme we cannot ignore the blaring fact that the internet is for porn.

Who doesn’t love porn?

When you look up the keyword “love” when using Second Life search you end up with a lot of porn. No. I’m not just  using the word “porn” to describe the adult areas of Second Life. Actually areas that just use the word “porn” in their description.

I’ll say this again. Who doesn’t love porn?

Sex is sex and most everyone wouldn’t mind getting some. When it comes to Second Life you cannot not overlook the fact that it is deeply rooted in sex. From the escorts of yor to the free sex areas that are still around to this day. Like you cannot forget that the internet has porn you cannot skip over the fact that Second Life does too.

I had to change out of my regular avatar to go forth into the sordid world of virtual sex. I really don’t think that people would appreciate me showing up to write about things dressed like a sea otter. I was going to give you a few reviews on various sex places on SL but, in all honesty, I got tired of the “Hey baby! Why don’t you come over here and we’ll simulate the nasty.” come on lines. I am also not into “doing it” on Second Life. It’s not my cup of tea. This always makes for interesting reviews when I go forth into an adult area. Amazingly enough this is a pretty positive review today. If you’re into the whole virtual worlds sex thing then I hope this helps you find a new place to hang out.

I ended up checking out Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) because when I looked up the word “love” in search I actually ended up finding a place that used such great words like “gangbang orgy” and “gloryhole”. Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love is, amazingly enough, actually really nicely put together. It’s a beautiful island with a lovely park-like setting that just happens to have a gangbang area.

Found The Gangbang Area.

Found The Gangbang Area.

Who doesn’t want to partake in a gangbang orgy in a park?

Yeah…I am FULL of questions today.

During my visit I didn’t run into anyone so it gave me a chance to wander around. From the lovely nature paths to the ocean itself you wouldn’t know it was a sex area unless you found the sex balls, gangbang area, or that glory hole. I would like to point out that in my few minutes of walking around I never did find the damn glory hole.

Who doesn’t want to find a glory hole? OK. I’ll stop now.

My favorite area of the island had to be the clubhouse. It’s a beautiful setting that is tastefully done. Yes…there are places to have sex but it’s not like they threw in some props and said “Have fun!”. It looks like they actually took the time and had a decorating plan of action. During my visit I did not run into anyone on the island. Sorry but I don’t have any great “Ooops! Sorry to interrupt!” stories. There is a downside and I feel that they kinda went overboard with the clutter in some areas. An example is the gangbang area. I can understand that you need a LOT of props to properly stage a gangbang but between that, couches, pictures, and other items it feels cluttered. Same goes with the area you first rez in at. Besides that it is a very appealing island for the virtual sex crowd.

I Found A Bar.

I Found A Bar.

After visiting Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) I ended up hoping around the search from place to place trying to find something to write about. When I teleported into an empty area then found myself alone with someone who wanted to “get to know me better” I just logged off. I will say that, if you are looking to get your rocks off in a virtual world then Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) is a good place to do it.

Hehe. Do it.

Recently I was asked to collaborate on a sex blog. Write articles for it. I was going to try to put this article out at the same time I put an article out there on virtual sex but I’m not ready to release it just yet. I thought that it might be fun to share since this is a SL related blog and I use Second Life as an example of virtual sex. When it comes out I shall share with all of you wonderful people.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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