The Treehouse Of DOOM

Nature House Attacks

Nature House Attacks

I’ve been living in Lothlorian since the end of 2008. Very strange for me as I am a wanderer by heart. I hate staying in one place for two long. Bores the hell out of me. The reason I have stayed is because I rent the land (REALLY cheap) & have a lot of prims. Since I can put my own house down & change whenever I want (as long as it fits the land theme) I’m golden baby.

Currently I have “The Treehouse of DOOM”. Someone, and I’m not sure who (I didn’t take note of the name..I was drunk at the time) RETURNED THE TOP OF MY TREEHOUSE to me. It’s not doing any harm. It’s not bringing down someones prim count. I don’t think it was one of my neighbors. (eyes the crowd). I do know it wasn’t one of the land owners/managers/whatevers who did it. Don’t chop my tree down man. If you have a problem then ASK me about it. If you accidentally returned it then say “OOPSY My bad.” Don’t be an ass.


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