SLA Staff Role Call

The SLA Review

From the start, our SLA Staffers have boldly commentated & drank more then their weight in alcohol to bring you, the reader, the SL news. Let’s Do a Quick SLA Staff Role Call!

Bishop Emmons – Co-Founder of the SLA Review. Uncensored in language. Angry. Funny as hell. Be sure to check out his contributions as he writes about gaming, xbox, drunk tank, &, of course, Second Life. Be sure to check out Bishop’s Blog.

Hera Bury – Our undercover operative out in the field since day one. Our Tipsy Kitty. Be sure to check out her photo commentary of Second Life at the Tipsy Kitty.

Malaria Kidd – The intellectual of the group. He is making a move towards discussing the smart things of Second Life as well as personal philosophies. Blog coming soon.

So here we are again. The staff. Drunk as usually.

(Tipsy) Cerulean Capalini – Founder Of The SLA Review, Drunken Master, Domestic Diva


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