A fine day for a fair

He freaking spit at me.

He freaking spit at me.

I happened upon the  Virtual State Fair due to a recommendation from my friend Hera. Told that it was educational & a lot of fun I decided to check them out. One word…wow. It feels like an actual state fair. Tents with corporations giving away free pencils, rides, animals, food. There is even a medical area & bathroom just like you would see at a regular fair. Fair fun without stepping in cow poop. Awesomeness!

A few recommendations if you should decide to check them out. If you’re new to Second Life or don’t have a home place set you can set your home inside the fair office (right next to where you rezzed in). There are changing rooms & directions for Second Life basics for those who need help. I also recommend checking out “The Live-ability home”, “Be An Ant Detective”,  & the animals (Watch out for the llama..he spits).

The virtual fair is put on a company called Extension & is also endorsed by many large real life universities. If you wander towards the second area (Morrill 2) you can find their Virtual County Cooop Extension Office. They have classes & lectures (check their schedule in-world for times).

Being the “Tipsy” Domestic Diva that I am would have to say that my favorite part of my visit was the Virtual Health Inspector Game. I learned about the job of a health inspector, got to watch a great video that had excellent germ pictures (I was into my 5th beer by then…they looked pretty neato), & then use my new awesome skills of germ detection to slap health code violations on a poor, unfortunate diner. Feel the wrath of my awesome health inspector super powers oh dirty ass diner.

Check them out! Take a friend. And learn a thing or two.


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