Brought To You By Jager – 10 Things I like about Second Life

1. Being able to move whenever I want. I don’t have to hire a moving company.

2. I want to live in a mansion. I want to live in a sewer. I want to freaking live in a tree. Thank you SL!

3. I’m scared of heights. Yet I can still jump off of a cliff with no parachute & survive. How awesome is that!

4. I’m creative. I want to build. I want to spout poetry. I want to take weird photos of strange stuff. I love creativity!

5. I’m a girl. Maybe I want to be a furry leopard girl one day. Maybe I want to be a  tiny bulldog the next. I can make myself look different depending on my mood. Awesome!

6. Education. I dig anything that involves learning. There are so many different places that don’t involve strippers & gestures where I can go & learn. I thirst.

7. Retro! I want to walk around in June Cleaver dress. High Heels. Pearls. I LOVE Leopard print. If clothing has leopard print on it I’ll buy it. If I could find a June Cleaver dress in real life I’d do my dishes in it. Do massive shots in it. Retro baby!

8.  The people I’ve kept contact with for over 2 years. True, honest friends. (Reg..this ones for you). You are some awesome people who love to drink as much as I do!

9. Torley Linden. He amplified my awesomeness. Enough said.

10. Freedom! Sweet Sweet Freedom!  Freedom to be myself. Freedom to express myself. Freedom.

I freaking LOVE Jager. It makes me make lists!


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