Jager Part 2 – Things I HATE about Second Life

10. Lag. You know lag has to be on this list. Lag sucks my butt.

9. Gestures. Oh come on already. Woo sucks. Stop spamming areas with your stupid gestures. Get a life. Learn how to have a conversation & lay off of the gestures already.

8. Clubs with boring events. Yes..I have been to a club event that makes me wear all red. Yes. I’ve been to a club that asks me to go topless (totally cheating by not actually paying strippers to go topless & getting people to go to your place by having us topless.) Get creative people! It’s getting old…fast.

7. Noob bashing. I’m going to defend all noobs that have good intentions. We were all new once. Let’s help someone out. Teach someone who is new what they need to do. Give them clothes that we no longer need. Help them find skins, bodies, hair, walks, etc.

6. Making fun of those who are not human. Come F-ING on already. We all don’t have to be human. Are you going to make fun of the Tipsy Kitty because she’s a neko. Are you going to make fun of me when I am my leopard? Are you going to make fun of furries? Tinies? How completely wrong is that!!! Be nice to everyone! We can be whoever we want to be.

5. Campers. OMG…GRRR! I hate them. I hate them with a passion. Why? Because they are a waste of space. They are zombies. Enough said.

4. Bling. It’s useless. It freaking lags the rest of us. It is annoying. STOP IT ALREADY!

3. Poofers. Totally laggy, spammy, annoying crap.

2. Freebie stores. They have crap in them. Every freebie store has about the same thing. They are just breeding grounds for zombie campers & lag. Half the stuff doesn’t work. Don’t even waste your time.

1. Poorly put together malls. You know..the ones with no ceiling or look like boxes stacked together. The one that combines camping & freebies along with poorly put together stores. Even worse when they throw a 2nd rate crap club in the mix. Yeah..that makes me want to buy something & return.

Thank you.


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