I feel all…inspired…

I'm one with the universe man.

I'm one with the universe man.

Since today, being what it is, I decided to get all funky & meditate in space while listening to new age music. Where in the world would I ever do that? (Or ever get the idea of doing that…give you a hint…beer…)  Inspire Space Park has got to be one of the trip induced, mellow, meditational space experience I have ever seen on Second Life.  I floated around the planets & stars for a while, resting, while listening to some guy play the chimes. Not your deal? You can meditate or sleep while floating around. You can float with a friend. Hell, you can get all trippy & float with your love. There were people meditating on the ground. A butterfly woman was solo dancing on a dance floor. I saw a really creepy ass mass murder looking clown doing Tai Chi. You can grab a partner & dance on a floating rock together. Absolutely mind blowing fun. After a 12 pack of ale & a bunch of shots you start to feel all euphoric.

“I am one with the sky. Relaxed. Within the center of my being. I am the music. The Stars. I am the planet. I am the light.”

You get the picture. So…let’s all get a little trippy today & float around in space. Check it out.


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