Avatar Spotlight…Coming to a blog near you.

After drinking a concoction of coconut rum & banana liquor last night I got really mellow. I was all “I love everyone. I love people. I love fruit.” To make a long story short…(too late)….I am going to start spotlighting your average Second Life person on occassion.  Name, Picture, Q&A, drinks with your average Second Life resident. Email me at slalcoholics@yahoo.com or contact me in-world (Cerulean Capalini) if you would like to be an avatar spotlight. I’ll send you a few questions (which I’ll change constantly) & ask you to email me a picture of yourself that I can crop down & put up on the blog.

Coming up soon…for our first spotlight…(And to show you what the hell I am talking about) I’ll corner Bishop & interview him.


One response

  1. Ha, ha, ha…….you want to corner me???? You’ll have to catch me first. lmao

    P.S. Using a beer trap is no fair

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