Spring Landmark Cleaning

I have over two years of landmarks sitting in my landmark folder. Today I decided to teleport to as many of them as I could to see if the places still existed or not. This has turned into a really weird adventure. So far I’ve fallen hundreds of feet only to either have to swim for my life or eat massive prim dirt.  I’ve been ejected from lands by land protection systems because the landmark is no longer the same.  Seen a whole LOT of land for sale. My most favorite so far has been teleporting in to find myself at the bottom of the ocean in a no fly zone.The sad part of the whole experience has been seeing areas I use to like but haven’t visited in a while to be gone. The other sad thing was the fact that every place that I ended up at that wasn’t what my landmark said…sucked. Bad.

Valuable lesson learned. Organize your landmarks or you’ll find yourself a few years down the road stuck at the bottom of the ocean.


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