Thinking about moving.

I’ve lived on the same island for quite some time now. It’s a really nice, quiet island. The price is reasonable to rent land right on the seafront where I can place my own home as long as it fits the fantasy theme (500L a week for 462 prims. Must be paid by the month). But..with 3 weeks to go I am bored. The wanderlust has hit again. I’m tired of seeing the same old things around me. Even changing my home has proven to be boring. It’s not the house. It’s the scenery.

This puts me at a rough turning point. 3 weeks & 2 days left to go on this rental. Do I wait for an entire month or do I just pack up & leave?  I really hate to waste 1500L because that isn’t small change (I must check into seeing if I can just get my money the rest of the rent. That makes a huge difference). If I do leave then where do I go thats worth the money?

I have found myself revisiting past places that I have enjoyed staying at along with new areas from the same builder/designer.  Areas that are virtual relaxing without being dull.


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