A disappointing lession in “Class”

All Dressed Up Looking For Somewhere To Go

I’ve been searching for places on Second Life that involve jazz, ballrooms, class, style. Basically a place where people have to dress really nice (ballgowns, tux, etc.), listen to jazz or classical music, & have good manners. Now..add to the fact that I’m avoiding all major, well known areas (some of which I do not like..we’ll get to that on a later day), this proves to be funny at times & a tad bit unusual when it comes to various peoples ideals of “class”.

Intimate Moments (search keyword used: ballroom) informed me (via their search ad) that they were bringing back romance & class to SL. I teleported into (take a guess where) a mall.  There were people on the dance floor wearing jeans doing stripper dances.  While walking around the romantic gardens & other such areas there was a half naked man wearing a cowboy hat walking around looking for “luv”. I started just randomly teleporting to various areas listed in their teleporter. No one was dressed fancy. There were a few great “adult” outfits.  Even though some of the areas looked nice & their attempt at “romantic music” (not my style of music but not a bad attempt if you like mushy music..think 80s love) I felt no hint of class. This may not be the fault of management, ownerships, employees (didn’t see any). This may be the fault of the people there & their ideals on what “class” is. Stripper dancing on a ballroom floor at a place that says “class” doesn’t seem classy to me.

I would like to say thanks to the 3 men wearing tuxes & 1 lady wearing a formal that I saw right before I left. Maybe there is hope after all. I’d like to also give a BOO to the lady wearing the hooker outfit doing the splits on the ballroom dance floor.

I guess I’ll keep searching today.


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