Second Life Vacation -Sorta

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I was considering moving again on Second Life. I currently have 3 weeks left (4 week min) on my rental home that I have occupied since Dec of Last year. That is a really large record for me. I’ve keep it because its cheap & I can place any home I want on it (as long as it fits the theme). Even though I’ve changed my house about 5 times I am extremely bored. Very very bored. Looking at the same old things is getting tiring.

My answer came in the form of the homeless & a friend who was also bored as well. My father needed a home on Second Life so that he would at least have a place to rezz to when he logged in. My friends lease was up & she had decided not to renew. This gave me an idea. I’m bored but I am still stuck in a lease. My father needed a place to call home & my friend was up for a change. We needed a plan.

I decided to check out a brand new build by one of my favorite residental businessmen of Second Life. The same individual who built the SS Galaxy (one of my favorite places I have ever lived on SL) I rented a cabin on the CP Pegasus. A large, luxury blimp high up in the sky. There are varying prices depending on what you are looking for. Prices run from 400-1000 a week for 200-400  prims. There are also furnished day rooms for 80 Lindens a day for those who are looking for a place to take a small vacation. I am currently renting a two bedroom cabin for 600 a week at 300 prims. This seems very high priced for the amount of prims compared to some great deals I have gotten in the past. are not just paying for your cabin. You are also getting luxury. Dining, a pool, dancing, lounges, a bar (MAJOR PLUS in my department), an exercise area (yes..I makes me giggle too).  Nothing is shabby. It is very well built. Very high class feel. A perfect sorta SL vacation & home.

Who knows what will happen in 3 weeks when my original rent is up. Will we stay on the blimp for a little while longer?  Will I rent my dad a nice SL apartment that he can have all to himself?  Will my friend wander off & find something new? Who knows..until then I’m going to have a gin & tonic by the pool.


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