Grand Opening Party & A Bit Of News

Relaxing By The Pool

Relaxing By The Pool

As I had mentioned before, I rented a cabin on the Pegasus. Friday May 22nd they are having a grand opening party at 12pm SLT (3pm East Coast Time). Reception, live band, & a DJ until about 4pm SLT. Even though this is in the middle of the day I may pop in to check it out. So far I have enjoyed my stay there. It’s been a bit weird living in two places at one time but my dad is really enjoying the place (not to mention having a home position to start at) so it’s been worth it. 3pm ET is really early for me to consider checking out an event (not to mention the fact that I can’t exactly have a beer at 3 in the afternoon. Not at least until 5:30pm.) I’ll try & make it because I’m curious as to how they are going to do it & where it’s going to be held on the blimp.

I did have an experience this week while hanging out in the blimp cabin. Some man walked into the apartment dancing (it was obvious that he couldn’t figure out how to stop but I didn’t tell him how. Not that I am mean. But he was in my apartment. And it was kinda funny). He said hi & asked me to dance. I informed him that he was in my apartment. He apologized. Told me the place was nice & he liked the decorations. I opened the door for him & he waltzed out the door. Oops! Semi my fault. I forgot to lock the door. (HEAD INTO DESK) Lesson learned for both parties. Remember to lock your door if you don’t want unwelcome guests. And if you see a thing next to a door that informs you that it has been rented, don’t walk into their house. It’s not your place.

Good thing this grand opening is early. I have a bit of a pressing engagement Friday evening. Shhh…it’s a complete surprise. More on what it is Friday.


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