Grand Opening Part 2

A Pitcher Of Beer...All To Myself.

A Pitcher Of Beer...All To Myself.

I’m sitting here on Second Life drinking a pitcher of beer (I’ve a yuengling in RL as I write this) writing about my experience at the grand opening of the Pegasus (Search Keyword: Pegasus. I’m too lazy to make a SLurl today.) I absolutely love the build. I’ve had no major issues with rentals, & the staff. I am really digging on the bar they have (I was served by a bartender in a tux during the grand opening). I guess I’m just not really good at live band grand openings.

The place is absolutely packed full of people. I am extremely glad this isn’t a constant thing. It’s so packed full of people that it makes walking around kinda hard (& I am running on the SUPER computer)  A plus side is that I am glad to see that people came out to check this place out. all honesty, I feel they came to hear the band. Now…how to put this..delicately. I have seen COUNTLESS live bands on Second Life. I have yet to find one (with the exception of this one band I saw once..but I was drunk so they may have been bad.) that doesn’t kinda suck. I will give props to anyone who will sing live on Second Life to a group of strange looking avatars but still…sigh. Maybe I’m not into bands doing a lot of 80’s cover songs. Maybe their mic set up wasn’t the best. I’m not gonna make any more excuses. I’ll move on.

I was impressed that the massive number of week long V.I.P. certificates to stay in the V.I.P suite that was given away. I popped in & out during the entire thing & saw 6 people get gift certificates.  It was a good distraction on a Friday afternoon. Now I’ve got to get myself another beer & figure out what to do with the rest of my night.

(One more quick note…Bishop & I have this running joke with the song “Beds Are Burning”. The live band singing that kinda made me laugh..a lot. Guess you had to be there)


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