The Search Is On

I’ve rented places in really nice SL neighborhoods that were great deals. One in particular was in a suburb styled neighborhood. Streets, mailboxes, nice yards, etc. 900L a week for 600 prims. I’ve gotten other great deals when it comes to price/prim ratio. If you spend a LOT of time searching you can find really good deals that are not crap homes.

Currently I am in search of land to place my own build on. The more prims the better for a good price would be nice. A non-crappy looking area that the land is sitting on would also be nice. If the area proves to be ugly (example: surrounded by red ban lines, ugly builds next door, ads, a mall, etc.)  then, as long as the price is super low, I don’t mind building a skybox to make up for it. My goal is to put up a few retro style (not urban trash style) mobile homes for a fun change. If I am renting the land I would like to allow a few people to be able to set it to home. One of the trailers I’d like to stick my RL dad in for fun. We discussed it & thought it would be fun.

This…has been one of the BIGGEST pains in my ass. Why does land cost more to rent then land with a house already on it? How comes I can rent land with a house on it with 468 prims to put furniture in for LESS then just renting land with no house & the same amount of prims? Why does a piece of mainland surrounded by ad farms cost 1000L a week for 468 prims when I can rent a house in a nice neighborhod for more prims/less lindens? This has been an ongoing thing for a few years now that has always angered me. MAKES NO SENSE!!!

I can understand some lands not wanting even a retro mobile home on it because it doesn’t fit with the “theme” (even though I saw one that had the worst built house..that fit theme?) This is why I have no issue with putting it in the air. I have run into the whole “ can’t have more then 2 people with a group tag”. And (my favorite) “Sure…you can put your retro trailers down & let mult. people set to home” then when I go back I see they raised the rent on the box a couple hundred lindens. (Head directly into desk)

So…my search this week continues….wish me luck.


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