The Recent Massive LAG Curse

Everything Looks Okie Dokie To Me

Everything Looks Okie Dokie To Me

Lag. It seems it’s been creeping up a lot in the last 2 weeks. The little built in lag-o-meter doesn’t show anything. I’m green. Green means go right? I’ve a massive super computer thats brand new. Something’s not right on SL lane as of late. Let me give you a few examples.

1. My rental land – I’m up in the sky for two reasons. Usually there is less lag then on the ground. Usually. My neighbors have the most violent tastefully done free sex thing going on in their shack. The deal with the land is “If you wouldn’t want to live next to it don’t build it.” I don’t want to live next to blood dripping sex devices. Anyways…we’ll get into that another day.

So I’m up in the sky. I counted the scripts on my land. 8. 8 scripts on a 2048. This is, of course counting the doors. Then why the hell are my two sion chickens frozen in forever fatigue? Why can I hardly walk (even without the chicks)? Why is everything green? The world is a weird place. (side note: I’ve 5 chicks on a 512 of land in my in-world office. No lag. Even with a few other scripts running. Makes no sense)

2. I’m a virtual chicken farmer. Weird…yeah..I know. I do it while drunk. I’m not going to get into details because I have a seperate business blog for my farm. You can see it HERE. They are starving. Second Life is not allowing them to eat no matter what I do. The ones at the office are excellent. I can move these ones & I get nothing. Yet…everything is green. I know this isn’t a scripting error (I hope not..that would be a WHOLE different blog post). Weirdness.

3. Land Sinking – Sinking into land when the meter says green (Go go go). Does this mean go sink in the land? Walk off into the ocean & sink? What does this mean? What the hell is going on? I’ve watched people sail past me at mult. places. Weird to the 2nd power.

So..what’s up? Are you sinking? Having weird hiccups? Things running “stupid”? I am, honestly, hoping that this stuff gets straight soon because I’m getting massively frustrated.


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