Getting Ready

In Real Life news I’m getting ready for an out of town visitor tomorrow. It’s kinda cool because they are also a Second Life resident. My dad Marktzu is coming in for a few days then I’m traveling with him to visit people a few states away. This means I’m completely busy getting stuff ready in real life, as well as taking care of Second Life business.

Working Hard

Working Hard

My farm is completely set up now & I’ve currently got Chickens, Eggs, Coops, & Other stuff for sale on the Lush Chicken Farm. I also have a little market stall in the Farmers Market area. I have until next Wed to make sure everything can run smoothly when I may only be able to check on things once a day. I promised I would only mention it on my web site but I thought that mentioning the farmers market would be a good thing. It’s worth checking out. Laid back, country, friendly.

As for exploration these past few days….it’s been slow. Summers are busy. Since it’s Summer I think it’s time to start searching out beaches, surfing, tiki bars (mmm tiki bars). Make it a SL vacation of sorts. I’ll let you know when I find something interesting.


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