SLA Meeting & Sposored Discussion This Week

Friday January 8th at 5pm SLT  (Mature) It’s Friday…Now Let’s Bitch About Work.

It’s Friday. Let’s get really REALLY drunk and complain about the work week. Relax. Unwind. Complain. Sounds excellent to us! The SLA will be running this discussion with either Cerulean or Hera at the helm. We’ll provide the comfortable environment, the great chat, & the prim alcohol. You bring yourself, your own Real Life booze, & your want to participate in whatever topic our drunken minds come up with. Be prepared for a bit of language & crude humor. Please remember to bring your manners!

Saturday January 9th at 5pm SLT (Mature) SLA Meeting: Second Life. Why The Hell Are We Here?

This weeks meeting will be about why we decided to join Second Life. What have we expected? What’s happened? What got us here in the first place? well as anything else that comes to mind. (Booze sometimes makes us get WAY off topic.) Anyone is always welcome to an SLA meeting. Just be prepared to listen to a bunch of drunken people on Second Life ramble. As always, Manners are a MUST. We are also hoping to get a few of the founding SLA members in on the fun this week. (Things ALWAYS get interesting when they show up.) Cerulean or Hera will be at the helm this week.

(A thanks to Hera for taking on last weeks discussion. For that we’ve given her a kitty laundry basic to lounge in while she drinks her booze & leads the troops in a drunken discussion.)


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