Hey let’s virtually tresspass & have sex!

A few years ago I wrote an article about people who have a habit of virtually breaking an entering into someones Second Life home. Last week I was hit with the ol’ burglars again. This made me think back to all of the greatest break in’s I have had happen to me throughout the years. Come…grab a beer…a seat…and travel with me down B&E memory lane.

My first experience with someone breaking into my home was 3 months into joining Second Life. A few of us were renting a condo on a tropical island (no longer around). We thought having a pool with a tiki bar was neato. As my roomie & I teleport back to the condo after working on our virtual tan we catch a couple having sex in my prim bed. We were at a complete loss how  to handle this situation. Lucky for us they were embarassed & quickly teleported out. I changed my prim sheets & we had a good laugh.

When Bishop & I had our first discussion place, Bishops Place, we had an upstairs that had no stairs going to it. Locked Teleport. People couldn’t make a landmark just anywhere on the land. You would be put on the TP spot. Turned off flying. We even put hidden bookcase doors in that lock. Caught four people having sex in the bedroom. This one was LOADS of fun! They decided to start screaming at us (it was 4 against 4..I had people over.) They called us a slew of nasty names. Explained that they could do whatever the hell they wanted on our bed because it was Second Life. I always enjoy a good fight that involves yelling at others. I was plenty angry! Took the bed back into my inventory, tossed them around the room a bit then booted them. Ahh…it felt good. (I changed the sheets on the bed…hehe)

There are SO many times this has happened throughout the years. People having sex in my cabin on a cruise ship. Two woman had the guts to tell me I was discriminating against them by yelling at them for breaking into a house I once rented & having sex in my bedroom. First off…if you know me I have NO problem with that. It was a weak excuse. Caught a guy masterbating in a treehouse I once owned. He broke into my house to have sex with himself. LOL! Still makes me giggle.

Greatest story ever? I was taking photos for the SLA Review when a guy burst in with a virtual gun. He demanded that I have sex with him or he would shoot me. This…my friends…was my first armed robbery & virtual rape…that anyone has ever attempted. After staring at him in disbelief (did he really think a virtual gun would scare me?) & listening to his insane demands…I orbited him to outer space & banned him from the land. I spent an hour watching him attempt to walk back to my land from land next door. He still had his pea shooter (yes..we are still talking about the gun.). Finally..he gave up. (This might have been because the persons land he was standing on also banned him.)

I’ve had many other experiences after all of these. Many attempts with guns. I even had a guy run me over with his car & demand sex. (but we’re talking about burglary. I’ll leave that story for another day.) So…to those who broke into a locked room (with rules posted to please stay out of my private quarters)….I’ve had YEARS of practice. I don’t get as angry anymore (key word..AS). I am still amazed over those who have used pg beds to have sex as you two did. But I don’t yell. I calmly say that I’m amazed you went to all this trouble to break in & have sex. Then…with a gleam of evil in my eyes, I toss them around the room before banning them. Then I go about my business feeling a little sad that they don’t realize they could find a place to have sex for free (maybe it’s the B&E that gets them hot.) My last thought before I no longer care? Lame.

Cerulean Capalini


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