SLA Discussions Coming Up

We have two SLA discussions coming up this week. One is a sponsored by the SLA Review. The other is an SLA  Meeting. Since I do all of the weekday stuff (brunches, etc.) I have had Hera take on the SLA Meetings for me. This has been really helpful as I might end up adding another chat for newer residents in the future (Maybe we’ll make it a mature SLA Sponsered New Resident Q&A. Beer & helping. Might be fun.)

Work Week Wind Down (SLA Sponsored)  Friday Jan. 22nd 5pm SLT

Basically…lets get REALLY REALLY DRUNK & complain about how are week went. Nothing helps get out frustration more then drinking & bitching about the previous days and/or real life work. (Hosted by either myself or Hera..depending on the situation)

SLA Meeting – Yes…I’m A Geek…Bite Me – Saturday 1/23 5pm SLT I didn’t put that name in the events calender..but DAMN. Would have been funny as hell. So here we are, on Second Life, drinking a LOT in real life. If that doesn’t make put us in the nerd/geek group then what does? Are you addicted to SL? Are you a gamer? Computer nerd? Do you have this thing about dressing up as a Storm Trooper? We’re all a little geeky. Let’s state our names & what makes us that way. (Hosted by Hera)

All of the SLA related discussions are Mature. This is due to the fact that, well, we are drinking in real life. Anyone is welcome to attend any of these events. If you want to go for the PG stuff then go HERE to look at what we have going during the week (so far).

Cerulean Capalini


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