Whatever happened to Hello?

“Hi! How are you doing? (insert witty banter) Hey…you wanna come hang out with me for a while? Maybe chat or do something?” (teleport sent)

Lesson In Offering A Teleport

I gave a greeting. Made a little chit chat. I asked if you wanted to do something with me. Hang out or (insert whatever you have in mind here). THEN I sent you a teleport to my location. I did not pounce upon you as soon as you logged with a teleport request. Nor did I use a teleport request to say hello to you. I didn’t attempt to make all of my communications with you by just sending a teleport. I was polite. I had a conversation with you. A lil’ chit chat.  Let’s all practice! Say it a few times to yourself. Practice typing it. Change the wording around to fit you. Good job!

How hard is this concept? I was polite. I didn’t spring a teleport on you as soon as you came in-world. Nor did I wait a while then send you one without even talking to you. If you never speak to me then offer me a teleport I’m not going to take it. It’s that simple. A teleport does not equal a conversation. You could be teleporting me someplace to have a conversation. I understand that. How am I suppose to know exactly where you expect to teleport me? Especially if you didn’t even say hi first?

I understand that some people don’t get the concept of saying hello before offering a teleport. Maybe they are new? Maybe the thought had never crossed their mind? Maybe they are leading me someplace I really don’t want to be? Fine. I still think it’s common sense. Isn’t it to most people? Hi before teleport? To me it is.

Don’t get upset if I won’t accept your teleport. If I choose to ignore it. Don’t get upset if I feel no need to IM you to explain why I did not take the teleport. I shouldn’t have to. I never have to. Then stop and think about why I didn’t take it. Let’s break this cycle & start being friendly. Repeat our lesson once more!



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