Upcoming SLA Meetings/Discussions

It’s been so funny that I haven’t been hosting any of the SL Alcoholics meetings. Especially when I founded the group. But..after doing a few other discussions all week I need a break. Time to unwind. Actually explore Second Life. Maybe get some writing done. Do some MASSIVE drinking. I’m also worried that if I start hosting the Saturday night discussions the regulars who come in will wonder who the hell this lady is. Anywho….here’s whats on tap for this week

It’s Friday Discussion (SLA Sponsered) Friday 1/29 5pm SLT (Mature)

It’s finally Friday. Screw the rest of the week! Let’s just get really drunk & bitch about the rest of the days while looking forward to the weekend. We provide the prim drinks & the place. You just need to bring your real life booze & yourself.  (Hosted by either Hera or Cerulean)

SLA Meeting: Theme?? We don’t need no stinking theme!! – Saturday 1/30 5pm SLT (Mature)

Who the hell needs a theme?  We have WAY much more fun when we get rip roaring drunk & discuss the first thing that comes to mind. What’s on your mind? Anything you want to talk about? Let’s get a little lush & talk about it. As usual, we provide the prim booze & the place. You bring your real drinks & yourself.  (Hosted by Hera)

(Anyone is welcome to come to an SLA Meeting. The SLA explores all of Second Life with drinks in hands. For more info. please look up “SL Alcoholics” in groups.)


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