False Events

Advertisements in the events calender PISSES me off. There are individuals who feel this need to use any category that has absolutely nothing to do with their place & place an event. Add the fact that it isn’t even an event at all but a classified ad pisses me off even more. Using a category, such as discussion, to inform me that your selling craptastic skirts at low low prices is not a discussion. There is nothing to discuss. Nobody is even there to discuss this with. The conversation revolving around your craptastic low low skirt prices wouldn’t even be remotely interesting even if you were trying to pull off something legit. “Hey you know I have always wanted to stand around vendor sign & discuss low prices on crap skirts. This is a GREAT discussion.” Fail.

I’ve heard this argument a MILLION times. “You know they have someone that monitors the events calender to make sure that people don’t use it instead of a classified ad.” Do they? Do they really? I don’t know…maybe they do. It doesn’t seem like there is someone making sure the events calender isn’t abused. Could also be that there is an individual who’s main purpose is to go through the list. If so they do a shitty job.

I’m tired of having to weed through the advertisements to find a legit event. (I give passes to grand openings if they are in the correct catagory.) Blatant advertising staring me in the face as I’m trying to find something that involves poodle skirts & beer (Hey…I have my thing man..don’t knock it…). False events that teleport me into a store just to trick me into buying something (crap..I put a bikini on for a beach party & there is no beach…wtf…no I’m not buying your craptastic skirt at low low prices.). It’s bullshit.

I’ll give props & say that it isn’t as bad as it once was. Maybe it’s gotten better. Maybe. I do get frustrated when I’m trying to put a discussion or drunken meeting in the events calender under discussions & find an advertisement for hot sexy skins at a discount. We need a button we can click on the website when we run into these listings. “Hey…you might want to look at this cheap ass who didn’t want to pay for a classified ad. Sexy skins at a discount doesn’t scream discussion to me.”  Would be helpful. Might clean out the false events listed. Flag the ones that are phony for someone to look at. Maybe send a notice to that individual explaining to them that they need to put out a classified ad & not an event. Hell…would make me feel better for typing out a legit event & paying for my classified ads.

To those that use the events calender to just advertise your crap skirts, your sexy skins at discount prices, a new weapons system, or whatever. Stop being a cheap ass! Get a damn classified ad. Or at least make a real event out of it. Live music & a raffle for craptastic skirts at low low prices. Demonstration for new residents on how to change your looks in a store that sells hot sexy skins at a discount price. There! See? You didn’t have to pay for your classified but you made it into an event. At least that’s a tiny bit better. You’ll have to get off of your prim ass and actually be at the store to do them. If you don’t want to get off of your ass then buy a damn classified. And stop pissing me off.

Thank you! (Damn I need a beer now…ok…I’m better…I swear…)



2 responses

  1. Well said.

    A few that slip by is one thing, but it makes the damn feature near useless with the mass of crap filler.

    1. There are so many various things when it comes to the events calender, the spotlight, search, & classifieds that could use a bit of cleaning. The events thing just angers me…a lot….lol.

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