SLA Fueled Discussion News (Jan. 29th & 30th)

We are expecting a LOT of snow starting tonight. When it is all said & done on Sunday morning they are currently calling for 8-12 inches. Not as bad as the last storm but it still sucks. The two SLA fueled discussions for this weekend are a go. If we lose power (cross your fingers & toes) during this storm then we apologize for not showing up. Just try checking back during those times if no one is around. Believe me….if we lose power and it comes back on we’ll be there in a heartbeat. I’m not worried about losing power. I just want people to know we didn’t get too drunk and pass out.

Friday January 29th 5pm SLT (MATURE) Let’s drink a LOT & bitch about the week. (SLA Sponsored Discussion)

Saturday January 30th 5pm SLT (MATURE) We don’t need no stinkin’ topic! Let’s just DRINK! (SLA Meeting)


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