SLA Meeting (The Weather Edition) Feb. 6th

SLA Meeting – Weekdays, Weather, Wrecked: The 3 W’s. Saturday Feb. 6th 5pm SLT (Mature)

This weeks theme for an SLA meeting is perfect. The 3 W’s of a great SLA discussion. Weekday. Weather. Wrecked. Let’s bitch about the weekday. Complain about the weather. Get wrecked while we do it. Bring yourself & your real life drinks to the discussion. We’ll provide the place, the drunken chatter, & the prim munchies. Anyone is welcome to attend an SLA meeting!

*All of us at the SLA are currently sitting on a foot of snow from last weeks storm. This weekend they are calling for another major storm. Let us hope that none of us lose power. We apologize if something happens & this weeks host is either late or doesn’t show up. We will try our hardest to make sure we do. We can’t control the weather but we can sure as hell hope that it doesn’t screw us over…bad.*


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