Two SLA Discussions This Weekend

All of the weather should be officially GONE. Done. Finished. No more. (That we know of.) So..this week we have a SLA sponsered discussion & an SLA Meeting.

Friday Feb. 12th 5pm SLT (MATURE) – It’s Friday….Let’s DRINK!

Ahh…the week is done. Was it good for you? Or did it spank you into the ground? Let’s discuss this past week, what our plans are for the weekend, & just DRINK to it all. You bring yourself & some rl drinks. We’ll provide the place & the prim munchies. (Hosted by either Cerulean or Hera)

Saturday Feb. 13th 5pm SLT (MATURE) SLA Meeting – Love? LOVE?!?!?!!

Yeah. Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Excited? Bummed out? Could care less? This week’s SLA Meeting we’ll discuss love. Love it or hate it…either way we’re going to drink to it. We’ve the prim booze so bring your rl booze & your discussion game face.  (Hosted by Hera)


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