Grab Bag O’ Blog Post

I have been completely slacking lately on the blog posts. Real life sometimes gets in the way of a virtual life. But…enough with the excuses. Let’s grab a beer (or 12) & do a quick grab bag of Second Life news that has been floating around.

1. I usually don’t comment on SL news articles or anything of that sort. It isn’t because I don’t care or have nothing to say. There are so many virtual news sites/blogs/smoke signals/interpretive dance on the internet that we really don’t need another one. I am here to get stupid drunk in a virtual world. Bring the good, the fun, the not so sober commentary, or just bitch about stuff. What does deserve mention is the Viewer BETA. Been out for a while now so I just wanted to throw my 2 bottle caps into the discussion. The viewer itself isn’t too shabby. Very easy to figure out. Good thing to point to a new resident & say “Hey…try this one out.” It will be the main viewer at some point so we might as well just start using it now.

Ahh…here comes my bitch rant of the downsides (grab another beer it might take a minute).I am just going to touch on my one bitch. (I’ve bitched to people about this before in the past.) The search SUCKS. Absolutely SUCKS. Finding an event, item, place, thing, vegetable, porcupine, etc is not an easy task. You teleport to a place & don’t find what you are looking for the search closes. You have to search ALL OVER AGAIN. Start at the beginning. This…FRUSTRATES me. Breath…Breath…OK…enough about search.

2. The Lush Lounge got a makeover. It’s the Lush Lounge/SLA Office. Same land but it’s been moved. It kinda looks like a speakeasy. Fitting. Still open for discussions (Starting with an SLA Meeting coming up probably this Saturday. Will post something about it soon.) Please click HERE for a link to the new lounge location.



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