Bad Moods & Why I Am Not A Drunken Saint

During the weekdays I wake up at 5:30am every single morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Due to a horrible situation where I cannot really drink a lot of yummy, delicious, live force giving regular coffee (every once in a blue moon I do) I am sometimes a pretty bitchy morning person. Usually very optimistic & peppy. Unless someone does something that really ticks me off. Especially that early in the morning. Combine this with the fact that I am an asshole at times. I’ll admit it. I am not ashamed of it. I am actually kinda proud of being an asshole in certain situations. There are certain things in this world (rl & virtual life) that can really push my buttons. Rude people. People who expect more then they deserve. So on and so forth.

For the past 2 1/2 hrs I’ve thought about how I wanted to write today’s blog post about what set me off at 5:30am this morning. I’m going to bring you, my drunken readers, with me on today’s journey of what pushed my buttons and instantly put me in complete bitchy mode.

I woke up at my normal time this morning.  Laid in bed for a moment trying to think of any excuse not to move. Finding no valid reason I got up. First thing I do in the morning is grab my cell phone. Check my email. See what has come in during the night. I received a message this morning informing me that they are dissatisfied with the “SL Alcoholics” group in Second Life. Their complaint is that they joined the group and have yet found anyone to party with. Ok…Cerulean…stop here for a moment. Breath. You just woke up and read this. Grab a cup of tea. Breath.

Ok…2 1/2 hrs later. What do I do about this? Why am I writing about this in a blog post instead of “kindly” explaining to this person that I am not a service where I hook you up with friends? Because…like I stated before in the first paragraph…I am an asshole at times. Let’s break this down in simple words & sentences. I started the “SL Alcoholics” group YEARS ago with a group of friends. We really enjoy drinking in real life while exploring on Second Life. We decided to allow people to join the group because we thought “Hell…if we like doing it then I bet others do to.” A celebration of booze & virtual geekhood. Go forth with your tag and have (legal sl) fun. What we ARE NOT is responsible for finding you a party, event, thing to do, friends, love, sex, etc. We are all adults. I really think you can find your own friends to hang out with. If you wanna hang out with me or any of the officers of the group that’s uber excellent. Very cool. Peachy keen. But…the group is not here for you to bitch at & expect me to jump through hoops because you can’t find someone to hang out with. You yourself have to get off of your prim butt and go forth into the virtual world. Grab a beer. Explore. I’m not going to do it for you. (I am also a mere drunken mortal with feelings.) I will add that YES we do drunken meetings/discussions. Check the website or events calender Fridays or Saturdays. (I suck at throwing up group notices. I hate getting them so I get this icky dirty feeling when I do one.) I just remodeled The Lush Lounge (that took a little time).  But…I’m not going to give excuses because I don’t have to. And I really don’t want to. (OOOOO petty Cerulean…go petty Cer go.)

So…what am I going to do. Well…I’m going to log in. Read message. I’m not going to answer it. I would…but it’s really not worth my time to deal with individuals who find it better to get rough then be polite. I never answer any rude messages. I just don’t. I am petty at times.

In closing (yeah…there has got to be some “moral of the story” in here somewhere), I am going to drink a LOT of whiskey tonight because it is Friday. I’m going to also have a bunch of Oatmeal Porter beers to wash down this whiskey. I’m going to go on Second Life & explore the world with drinks in hand. Remember kiddos…polite works. Rude makes Tipsy hulk like angry.

Always willing to drink with a fellow avie…just don’t be rude about it. 🙂


(P.S. – No names, copying of any conversation, etc were used in this blog post. Just following T.O.S.  No threats have been made or will ever be made. Also..we call this freedom of speech. We can complain about places, people, things every once in a while. Just covering my own ass. If you…dear person who has forced me to rant so early in the morning follow me on twitter (Follow me HERE) or read my blog…next time….just be a little more polite about it. Ok?)


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