What to do when SL is down

I remember when Second Life use to have downtime every Wednesday. A friend & I would get on IM & discuss what we needed to do when Second Life would finally come back. We would browse the street (the SLX back then) & just plain bullshit about things. The Wednesday downtime wasn’t too bad (unless it went WAY over the estimated downtime). We were warned ahead of time. Apes would appear on the sign in screen informing us that they were “tinkering” with things. Wild nerd times baby.

Having SL downtime isn’t anything new to me. I’ve seen it break & get fixed hundreds of times. This is actually a first major downtime I can remember seeing in quite a while. But…things have changed. No more Wednesday scheduled downtime. It could force us into real life for a few hours when the grid decides to be naughty at any time. We do get some great “bugs” going on but that is a WHOLE different story.

So..I’ve had a few shots & beers…let’s get to the magic baby.  Things you can do when the grid is down:

1. Realize that the day has many more hours/cycles then Second Life. Marvel at the fact that we cannot change the tint of the sky or cloud cover. Cry a little bit into a hankie because we can’t.

2. When in doubt…just refill your booze & get another beer. Works for any and all situations. (At least in my mind it does.)

3. Go back to the origins of the internet & pay tribute to the founding fathers of the web. Yes…this involves porn.

4. Did I mention get more booze? Oh yeah..I did…umm….well…look up new & exciting shot recipes. Yeah..that works…

5. Actually leave house & go somewhere….NAH……that is INSANE!

6. Call your mother/father/grandma/grandpa/tax man/bank…Yeah..you know you’ve been slacking.

7.  Read. Yeah. I read. What’s it to ya?

8. Remove beer cans, shot glasses, bottle caps, & other crap from your desk. Make it look perdy.

9. Eat food. Not prim food. Real food.

10. We don’t want to get over ambitious. Peek outside & look at a tree. Then close curtain & think about what you just saw.

Remember…It’s not forever. It will come back. If you can’t survive then just do what I do. Cruise the Xstreet out of sheer boredom. With beer of course….



2 responses

  1. “We don’t want to get over ambitious. Peek outside & look at a tree. Then close curtain & think about what you just saw.”

    That is seriously scary stuff!

    Thanks for making me laugh.

    1. LOL! You are very welcome. Thanks for reading. 😀

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