I Feel Pretty….

Fierce Bitch With Booze...Work It

Oh So Pretty….now get me a beer.

A woman on Second Life, if they are anything like me (with probably WAY less blood alcohol content), wants to look pretty. Sometimes we want to wear a really fancy dress & go to a fancy SL place. I hunt to find the most perfectly fitting fancy smancy dress I can. It’s an OBSESSION with me. If it doesn’t look right or a skirt poofs around me funny I won’t wear it. If a leg sticks out weird during one of my poses it pisses me off. If it looks cheap I’m giving it to a new resident (if it transfers) until they can afford to buy something nicer. I’m a giver. I spend 90 percent of my SL time wearing retro 50’s wiggle dresses & heels. Say it with me..OBSESSION! (Then there is my passion for leopard print..but that’s another story for another time). I’m a harsh bitch who won’t wear it unless it looks good to me. Impressing me can sometimes be hard (refer to the bitch part). When I do find a place that gives me wicked awesome kick ass clothing I take the secret of where I bought it to the grave.  Mean spirited I know…but the HOURS and HOURS spent trying to find something decent kinda makes a girl not want to give it up. (Kinda sounds like a rough date on a Saturday night eh…)

Ok…sometimes I’m not such a cold-hearted, yet delightfully drunken, bitch. I do make a folder of clothing I no longer wear (or am sorely disappointed in the purchase) & give it to new Second Life residents I run into.  Just to help their wardrobe out till they can buy their own. And I have been known to hand out a landmark or two when someone asks me where I bought something. The bitch part comes from sometimes feeling you need to compete with every hussy, fashion model, & hoochie momma who walks on by. It’s real life human nature baby. No different in a virtual world. Sometimes we just want to be noticed, complimented, talked to. In real life & in Second Life. Sometimes this makes us a little clothing territorial.

Maybe we all need to take a step back & not panic so much about how our virtual or real selves look. Dress for comfort. Dress for ourselves for a change instead of dressing to impress others. Shouldn’t they be impressed with our minds? Who we really are? Dreams, like goals, aspirations? We all need someone to validate us with compliments. But..maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about what others think & start loving ourselves. Till then..I’ll try for a cheap compliment to make myself feel better as a person & drink this beer because..well…you can’t have “Tipsy” in my name without it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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