I Feel Soooo Dirty….

May 7th marked the beginning of Zexpo 2010. (Zindra but I prefer saying Zexpo…sounds new wave sci-fi sexy) The gist of this whole shindig is to showcase the adult items & areas of Second Life. For the official blog post on the Zexpo click HERE. If you are thinking about checking it out then click right about…..HERE.

Armed with a martini & really great animal print heels I had just purchased (If you can’t work it anywhere why work it at all) I set off to see what kind of trouble I could get into & funky stuff I could find at a virtual sex expo.I’ve watched people sink into the ground & phase through walls do to lag issues (even though I have yet to run into a large crowd). This hasn’t stopped me from getting my adult browsing on. Creativity is a BIG THING with me when it comes to SL. I love it when people get creative with their ideas & come up with something that looks amazing. Be it sexual or non-sexual. There were a few people who did make me stop & say “Wow! Nice job!”. I give props when props are due. I have attempted to attend one of the listed events but was sorely disappointed because no one was there. I’ll try a few more during the expo & see what’s going on.

This might come as a COMPLETE shocker…but yes…I’m not offended by virtual sexual whatevers. I also feel it was a stupid idea to create three ratings groups (PG, Mature, & Adult) compared to just having the two.  When signing up for a Second Life account on the main grid it states that you must be 18 to join. I understand that people lie about their age so I may be one of the only people who didn’t wig out over age verification. It is a pain in the ass but if it protects my rights to decide if I want to look at sexual content or not then so be it. And..that’s just it. If I want to look at sexual content or not. You don’t need to throw them over in their own “Adult” area. I’m a big girl. I know how to read. If I don’t want to go anyplace that involves sex, strippers, hookers, dungeons, & the what not then I won’t. If I want to wander around some pretty shady adult oriented areas then I will. I do know how to censor myself.

After a conversation with Bishop (my silent partner & power hour champion) this past weekend we did come up with a few good conspiracy theories about why there would be a need to have a sex expo. Not to mention that there was a need to have an official blog about it.  Two words. Sex Sells. When a virtual world, such as SL, has to compete with other virtual programs that are completely based upon sex then there is a need to remind people that we’ve got a LOT of it. No matter how much it seems that Second Life wants to distance itself from being highly sexual & more education oriented it cannot completely cut it off. Sex sells. It brings in people from other sexually fueled virtual programs into Second Life. More people = more money. Second Life isn’t just sex but education, social networking, fun…the list goes on. But you cannot deny that sex is BIG business when it comes to SL. If you don’t want to be subjected to anything sexual on Second Life then just don’t go there. If you find yourself in an area you are not comfortable with then just leave. It’s that easy.

The expo goes on until May 16th. I’ll attempt to go to a few more events, with booze of course. If you run into an animal print clad lady who looks a tad bit overdressed for a sexpo carrying a martini….say hi.


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