Easy Like Sunday Morn…Errr…Whatever…

Ahh Sunday…that one day in a two-day weekend that most people have off, yet pisses you off to no end because most people (I have a sugar daddy…yeah…that’s right.) have to go to work on Monday. What a great yet craptastic kind of day. How am I going to spend this “precious” time this evening. Well…I’m going to drink till I fall asleep. But besides that..I’m enjoying the virtual parks of Second Life. Yes. I live in the country. I could just go outside. Hell..I spent the whole day outside. There is just something surreal about wandering around someones interpretation of nature. Also you can walk around with while drinking prim booze. Try doing that at a park.

I’ve been experimenting with alcohol this evening. (WOW…Cerulean? No Way!) Since it’s Sunday & I’m feeling mighty generous I thought I would share the recipe for what I’m trying this evening.

French 75

Named for the French 75mm gun of 1897 that played a large part in World War One.

2 oz gin

1 oz fresh lemon juice

2 tsp powdered sugar


Shake all ingredients except the champagne with ice and pour into a Collins glass or champagne flute.  Top with champagne and stir gently. Garnish with a thin spiral of lemon peel and cocktail cherry.

On occasion I like to take a step away from shots & beer to enjoy a really good cocktail.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

(If you are looking for really good, classic cocktail recipes then I really recommend checking out Daddy O’s Martini )


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