Resignation Celebration

As everyone has probably noticed from this mornings official Second Life blog post from Phillip, M. Linden has stepped down. (You can read the official post HERE.) I have one word…HUZZAH!!!! I see this as a positive thing. So much crap has happened under M. Linden’s rein of virtual stupidity (stupid choices…stupid stupid choices) that I can only hope that things will finally come to a positive head. We’ll see some great changes in service, stability…blah blah blah. OK! OK! I know you don’t come here for some great news article when you know that everyone & their virtual mother will have something to say about it. Good or bad. You come here for the drinking & virtual commentary. So…since I have been inspired I would like to make a list of things (some of them are WAY out there..outer space man…) I would love to see happen in Second Life.


Hell…after #1 I feel better…but I can’t just leave a list at #1. That’s not much of a list now is it.

2. This whole island for adult xrated hoochie coochie nudity fun for all is bullshit. I really miss the wild west days of Second Life where you might teleport into a store to find out it’s actually an orgy. Yes…I know there is probably no going back but I can dream can’t I?

3. Fix stability. Make it for everyone not just those who can afford to get a brand new super computer every year. Bring back those I’ve known that can no longer go on because they cannot afford to keep up. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

4. Bring back the fun meetings with your SL residents. Remember those?  The ones where the Lindens would get up on the stage & actually talk to us. The big ones they would advertise on the blog. Where you would have to get there two hours ahead of time just to make sure you could get into the sim & have a seat. (You moved you crashed…fun times.)

5. Bring back the fun damn it!

6. I’ve been a good resident for all of these years. I’ve drank all of my prim liquor & never wasted. I’ve paid my land rates. I’ve dressed appropriately in a PG area. I’ve even given clothes away to new residents. Could I please have a raise in my allowance?

OK…I’m done making lists. I can always write blogs about things later. I think we need to just take the moment & say “AHHH”. Then drink a lot & throw a party!

It's Never Too Early In The Day To Drink In Celebration

So…this weekend..if you are in the mood to do LOTS of shots & hope that some day Second Life will go back to being a shitload of fun & excitement…..come drink with me. I know it’s just a staff change (A BIG staff change) but here’s to hoping that it will lead to bigger & better things for all of us. Cheers!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. stbishopemmons | Reply

    um…not to alarm you or anything, no no no, don’t look around…..but I think someone has wrote stuff on you. Shh….don’t look surprised, that’s what they want. They probably did it to you while you were sleeping. It was probably Lindens.

    Anyway I thought you should know. That and somebody stole your cat.

    1. HAHA! No one stole my cat. I’m staring at my cat right now. 😀

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