Lush News Of The Week

LOTS & LOTS of things are happening within The SLA Review this week. The SLA Review offices have moved to combine with the Lush Lounge. We needed more office space for some pretty gosh darn exciting things. You can come & visit the offices right HERE. The Lush Lounge & Cafe is still with us on the upper floors for your quiet drinking & dining experience. Feel free to wander around & check things out.

Next on the exciting news list…I feel there should be some sort of drum roll in here somewhere. Feel free to make the drum noises as you read. The SLA Review has done a lot of things over the past few years. We have done SL podcasts. We have done live internet television. (I promise that I will post links to the broadcasts at some point. I’m just being a lazy drunk.) After preparing, setting things up, tweeking cameras, etc. we are starting a new & exciting part to our written blog commentary. We will be broadcasting from SL our drunken commentaries for your viewing pleasure. This weekend we will be having a practice run through for people to watch. (Will also record it for you to watch at a later date) If you would like to watch (& drink along) in-world let me know. If you are BRAVE & want to get on microphone, sit in a guest chair, & chat with us then also let us know. We would like to get all of this set up now for an official start at the end of July.

“St.” Bishop has wiped out his blog & restarted it fresh. Commentary on life in general, gaming, drinking, Second Life, etc. Whatever is on his mind at the time. I am giving him a shout out because he has been a writer, co-founder, & drinking champion for the SLA for YEARS. You can find his blog HERE.

I would also like to point out (I’ll post about it again beforehand) that both Bishop & I will be out of town from July 17-July 24. We will be armed with smart phones, laptops, & a whole lot of geek things. Feel free to drop us notecards or bother us on twitter during that time. (@stbishop & @TipsyCerulean on twitter.) We will be sure to get back with you as soon as we can.

It’s FRIDAY! Two days of hardcore shots & SL. Cheers!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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