Just let me attach my body parts baby….

**This blog is about discussing virtual sex in Second Life. (Scripted body parts) I do use the proper sexual language in this blog. Grab a beer. You’ve been warned.**

Over the weekend I was sitting under a picture of Velvet Elvis hanging out with Velvet Jesus in a crack den. Group of people just chatting & drinking up a storm in a sex area.  You really wouldn’t expect people to just kinda sit around the living room drinking in a place like this. While we are drunkenly chatting a couple decided to move their sexual escapades from the yard to the pose balls directly next to the couch. Let me tell you…that makes for REALLY interesting drunken conversation. But…it got me thinking about the way people go about having virtual sex.

Velvet Jesus & Velvet Elvis Walked Into A Bar

There are so many body parts & scripted items we can attach to ourselves for “better” SL sex. A clit that become aroused when touched. Nipples that talk when someone touches them. Your ass can do the talking for you. (Think sex people…not beans for dinner.). Our arousal level can go up the more someone touches us in a way we enjoy. It can make moaning noises or talk dirty for us. Our virtual clit can tell us when it is time to have an orgasm. We can just lay back & let our attached/scripted/whatever body parts do the “dirty” work for us. And that is just the beginning of the various things we can attach to ourselves to “have sex” on Second Life.

LAZY! LAZY! LAZY! Fucking lazy!

Have people become so lazy that we will just attach stuff to our body to do the sexual work for us? Don’t people understand the concept of talking dirty to one another? Sit down next to dirty lil’ Tipsy & I’ll tell you a wonderful, magical, sex filled story of the internet. The days when chat rooms involved refreshing the page to see if anyone responded to your comments. Where people actually talked to each other instead of relying upon scripts & do-dads to do the sexual work for us. You had to know what to do in a sexual situation. You had to be quick on  your feet. You ACTUALLY had to NOT be afraid to tell someone exactly how you wanted them to fuck you. (I warned you that Tipsy wasn’t going to tone down language for this discussion). Does it scare you that I actually typed the words “exactly how you want them to fuck you.”? I think it does frighten some people. Instead of actually talking dirty to someone on our own we need to rely on something that will express our desires, our wants, & our sexual needs for us. Either from fright, laziness, or simply because they are unsure of what they want exactly.

If you stop & really think hard about it do you really need a virtual clit, ass, or nipples attached to you in a normal SL sexual encounter? Do you actually need to shell out a lot of L$ when all you essentially need to do is be really good at virtual sex. If you have a good body/skin you have a pussy already. You already have nipples. Yes…you have an ass. (If you didn’t then you would look super funny.) Instead of putting a body part on & putting it to private/only certain people can’t touch, can’t you just inform whoever is sending you messages “No thanks.”. If something feels good wouldn’t it be better for you to explain in explicate detail how turned on you are instead of having a script do it for you? If you are on a pose ball it looks like you are having sex. If you talk dirty to someone in a really explicate way then you are really having virtual sex. Seeing & doing. Not seeing & letting a script take over for you.

I’m leaving out fetish SL sex because there are things that are not used to completely take over the work but to completely enhance the experience. Slave/Master, etc. Adds realism. I understand.  Gay & Lesbian sex with accessories. Not a bad thing at all.  I’m not going to knock the people who use the body parts & get all freaky. Who talk dirty & use the body parts to make their virtual sex life better. I am talking to the people who only use what the parts/scripts give them to attempt to have sexual relations with someone virtually. HOW DULL!! Try taking off the scripted moans, touches, etc. Get to really know each other in an intimate way. I’m just spouting opinion & asking people to try “unplugging” & really get sexual.

I am also leaving out the sl male penis. Not in a bad way. (hehe). That is REALLY needed for a Second Life male to go forth & screw. You weren’t virtually born with one (haha..not virtually born with one…yeah…I’m REAL mature). You’re crotch area is a complete blank canvas that really screams “Just add cock.”. Men need to go buy the important body part to make it look realistic as well as talk dirty to us to make it feel realistic. Also…it kinda looks funny when you hop on a sex ball & don’t have the “equipment”. (I guess I can give you a free pass if you are a GREAT dirty talker. But…it still makes me laugh when you are dickless…HAHA!)

Learn to talk dirty. Learn to tell someone exactly what your sexual needs are. There are SO many places you can go to learn how to get virtually freaky in the form of chat & words. Ask someone. Is it embarrassing to ask??? Nah…not if you have a good friend to ask. Maybe they wouldn’t mind asking you questions as much as you want to ask them. Trust me. There are more people then you know out there that are more then willing to help you learn how to “talk dirty” (and NOT just because they want to get naked with you).

Get naked. Completely naked. See what happens.

“Tipsy” Cerulean (I need a beer)

(If you want to add to the virtual sex discussion please drop me a notecard in-word, visit the SLA Review office to leave a message, leave a comment here, or email me at slalcoholics@yahoo.com. We plan on furthering the discussion in a live SLA show.)


One response

  1. Great article, I am totally with you!

    I really enjoy good looking avatars and nice poses. A very nice addition. But the important in virtual sex is the talking.

    You don’t even get naked or need poses for this. Also nice to dance somewhere with your loved one, listen to nice music and then begin a hot chat via IM. Can be your best virtual sex ever, if both understand to talk dirty.

    Just be careful you write in the right IM-tab! 😉

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