If I Had A Million Dollars…

No wait…this has nothing to do with having a million dollars. Would be really nice to have a million dollars. I just have the song stuck in my head. The post title sure beat the original one I had in mind. “If I could ask any question I would ask….”. Sounds kinda dull. And you can hum this posts name.

I try not to touch on anything business SL news related. Or anything like LL meetings or whatnot. There are SO many Second Life news outlets that you have probably read things left & right. I try to just review, do some drunken commentary, occasionally piss people off, & rant a wee bit.

Watching the SL meeting has given me an idea for another one of my FAMOUS (OK…kinda famous? Semi-Famous? Famous in my own mind?) intoxicated posts. What would I ask (serious & not so serious) if Philip said “Hey..Yeah you over there…Tipsy…what questions do you have?” This…would probably NEVER happen in a million years (Unless he’s into big breasted SL avies who enjoy doing shots. Hey…I’ll put those giant super boobs on & wow him.). A girl can hope that some day her FAMOUS (in her own mind) SLA Review blog will catch the attention of the LL Gods Of Rock (Virtual worlds doesn’t have the same awesome ring that “Rock” does.)

Dear Second Life,

I know you are just the program & the ULTIMATE Gods Of The Virtual Worlds LL feed you & water you on a semi regular basis. I just thought it would be nice to send you a letter. I know people kick you, curse you, & would like to physically punch you in your virtual eye some days. Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting a letter instead.

Sigh..Second Life. Where do I even begin? How was your day? Hows the weather? (Oh yeah…it’s sunny my bad). I care about your well-being. I really do. Without you I would be bored. I would probably have to do something constructive like turn butter. There would be no SLA Review. No drinking on a virtual world. No way I would have met some of the most awesome people I consider friends. So…I appreciate you.

I do have a few questions for you. How is your search going? Are you working on fixing that problem you are having? Why am I having issues putting a skirt on & the textures going all funny? Sometimes that skirt doesn’t even want to show up & kinda wants to disappear. How embarrassing it must be for you to have skirt issues. Why do I have weird prim issues where things get all funky screwy looking? Are you in pain? Are you bleeding prims on me? If so I really hope you get this checked out.

I’m sad Second Life. Friends & family I have had using you can’t use you anymore. Does that make you sad? Do you cry? (I’m sorry SL…it’s always sunny..my mistake). They can’t use you because they cannot afford to in this economy (YES…I said “in this economy”. Eat me.) to update their computer system. They cannot afford to buy a new computer. Do you not care about these residents anymore? Many of which have been on as long as I have? Will I find myself in their position some day where I will be unable to afford a new computer system or update the one I already have? Will you miss me if I was gone?

Next time I am using you (I mean that in the nicest way) I will stop for a minute & pet your menus. I hope to hear from you soon.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

I’ll leave the news to the news people. I’ll just drink my beer, watch meetings, & read official blogs. Sometimes…we need serious…and sometimes we need humor during those serious times.


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