Interaction & Mergers…An SL Story..

I wanted to talk briefly about the teen grid closing & accounts being moved over to the main grid. I know that there have been a LOT written & discussed about this change. I tend to stay away from the news aspect (as I’ve mentioned in the past) but as of late there has been news really worth mentioning. Even for a massive drunken writer as myself. I’ve thought about this & decided that I might as well throw my hat into the ring & give my personal opinion on the matter.

When I started SL I joined because I wanted adult interaction. Adult conversations & friendships in a virtual world. I’m over 18. It’s completely understandable that I would want to converse with those who are also over the age of 18. Personally, I feel that throwing people who are sixteen & seventeen into a virtual world that has always been for adults is not the best idea  in the world. I am not saying that many of them will not be well behaved, have problems on the main grid, or cause issues. I just don’t feel that it is a safe thing to do. If I was a parent of a teenager who was to be moved to the main grid I don’t think I would feel very comfortable with them interacting with adults, even if it was in a PG area. Kinda breaks all learned internet safety rules.

It’s not all about me (aren’t you amazed!!). I feel really bad for all of those under the age of 16 that will lose accounts due to this merger. I am also saddened for the missed opportunity of those who were not yet old enough to join & test out a virtual world environment. One that did not include a stuffed animal with an online code, a cartoon feeling websites attempt,  or a fantasy based chop wood kill dragons environment. The potential for learning, exploring, & using your computer in a different way will be lost.

I understand that there is MORE to the story (so many blog posts, articles, etc.) that I will have to kick myself in the ass & get around to reading. Hopefully everything will end up working out smoothly in the end.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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