What’s Your Name?

Today’s article is going to be fast, easy, & fun! Weeee!

OK…I couldn’t help myself (cough cough). Let’s get on with the show.

Display names. Sounds so…generic internet forum post. What’s in a name? Let’s play the name game!

I really need a beer.

If you haven’t already heard SL is going to go with a whole “Display Name” shindig. (SL Wiki page on Display Names can be found HERE.) The quick (or as quick as I can explain it) rundown on display names is that we will be able to change the name that appears over our head. You will still have your original Second Life name (your user name as it is being called) while being able to change what appears above your head. When someone changes their user name you will be able to search for them by their “user name” & by the name change. Just read the wiki & you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I could really use another beer.

I do see some great potential with being able to change your display name. My twitter name is “Tipsy Cerulean”. I can change my display name to say this. Which would be so much easier for people I know. Especially since I get called “Tipsy” a lot. Say Bishop wanted to take my last name as his SL married name (hehe…couldn’t help using that example…or if I wanted to take on his last name) I could. If you had to put a “user name” in when joining Second Life where you spelled your name wrong or had to put in numbers to get the name to work then you can fix that.  Do you like to roleplay? Change your display name to reflect your role-playing character. All very good & exciting things that could come out of “display names”.

Let’s get another beer.

These are all GREAT reasons for this feature. Wonderful. Excellent. Peachy keen. I see a MAJOR downside to people being able to change their display name to whatever they want. Even though they will only be able to do this once a week. Let’s try an example. I am at a club. I’m having fun with my friends. Someone decides that they want to cause problems & ruin the fun for everyone. They change their display name to someone elses name who happens to be in the club. Someone decides to report this individual for their mayhem. They take a picture of the problem causer, making sure that their “name” is in the picture. Instead of the person looking at a profile they fill in the name of who they are reporting by the display name. Now we have potential for someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time to get into major trouble. Ohhhhh Noooooooo….

Hopefully this won’t happen & there will be some way to prevent this. Maybe I’m just a paranoid drinking mo-fo. I know that it states that impersonating another avie is a BIG no no. But…when has this stopped people before? I’ve grown VERY attached to my name as I know many of you probably have. I use it for other things besides SL. Will we be protected so that we don’t lose our online identity or fall victim of virtual identity theft? (It states in the wiki that your user name will be listed in your profile along with whatever flava of display name you are using at the time. I just see people at least attempting to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.)

One more beer before we wrap this up…

It will be nice to have the freedom to choose. Let’s just hope that some people don’t choose to abuse this.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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