Sashay Shante

You better work! (Cover Girl!) Snap those pictures. Get the press. Parties….gossip…Uh Huh honey…you’ve got it made. You’re a SLebrity!


I have one thing to say, sashay shante, shante, shante, shante

Now that just sounds….Pretty Stupid (cue “aaahhh herrr herrr herrr” annoying laugh gesture here.)

I hear a lot about the subject of Second Life Celebs, famous & popular residents, etc. Especially recently. “Yeah…(insert name here) is so important they (insert what they did here)!” Is it really that big of a deal? To some people it is. To me…personally…I could care less if you invented a viewer that also makes me coffee in the mornings or you made something super duper spectacular out of a prim.

Why don’t I give a shit? Who the fuck am I to say ANYTHING bad about being virtually well know?  Because…personally…it’s not that big of a deal. So you built something. Good for you. So you created something awesome or stuck clothes on your virtual body & strutted the catwalk. Pretty cool. I’m happy for you. Glad you kicked a prims ass & did something neato with it. But a SLebrity? Give me a break. It’s all about personality. I don’t care what your accomplishments are if you have a horrible personality. I despise the snobbish.  If you’re an asshole who just happens to be well-known in a virtual community you still just happen to be an asshole. If you get a large prim head that won’t allow you to walk through virtual doorways then your accomplishments mean absolutely nothing. If your just flat-out an unfriendly elitist then why should I give a crap who you are? Especially over something virtual.

Everyone wants to be somebody baby. Be remembered…even if it’s virtually. Don’t we all just want people to come up to us & be friendly? Say Hi? Chit chat & pat us on the back for our accomplishments? Yes…of course. Praise is awesome. We thrive on praise. But this does not give people a free ticked to treat others as if they were insignificant because they don’t fit the same status “level” as you may think you are on. I would speak to 50 new residents who had pleasant personalities then speak to a “SLebrity” who feels it is below them to give anyone the time of day.

I know this is a touchy subject with a many residents who feel themselves to be up there in “SLebrity” status. I don’t knock all of you that do great work for the greater virtual good. Those who have been extremely friendly & caring to others. I applaud your efforts, your works. You don’t need a label.  I knock those that feel they need to be considered the “elite” of a virtual community. Who feel that others are beneath them & not worthy of their prim light.  I pity you.

Be friendly. Be nice. Be happy. Be yourself.  Have fun & help others. Don’t cave into labels such as “SLebrity”. It only makes your head swell really big. And besides…”SLebrity”…is there really such a thing anyways? (Personally…no…not really…)

Let’s just drink a beer. Relax. Have a few shots. Have some fun. For fucks sake….It’s Second Life.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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