Second Life Addictions Over Cocktails

It's Friday! Time For Cocktails!

I went onto Second Life this morning to check messages. Look at business stuff. Change my hair. You know…the usual. Since it’s Friday I plan on drinking a LOT while in-world. A three-day weekend doesn’t help my liver but it helps my sanity (& blood alcohol level) In celebration of Friday let’s do a super famous (in my own alcohol fueled brain) SLA Review List Of The Week (Picture the previous said with a really cool announcer voice. Makes it sound awesome).

You Know Your Addicted To Second Life When….

You know your SL friends real names & talk with them in settings outside of Second Life. Yet you still call them by their avatars name. (“Hey Candy Cane666! Nice to see you!”)
Your sense of fashion style starts to bleed over into real life. (Oh Honey…nipple tape does not go with grocery shopping…)
You have said no to real life plans because you have already made virtual plans for the evening. (“Sorry I can’t go to the bar with you. I am planning on virtually going to a bar dressed as a grid ape.”)
Discussions about your friends in Second Life to your friends in real life has caused confusion. More than once. (Real Life Friend: “When do I get to meet this big boobed stripper named Breasty you keep talking about?”)
When you stare at your real life couch you can estimate how many prims it would take to build one. (“If we didn’t use sculpties then it would take 12 prims to build my couch.”)

Have A Great Real Life & Second Life Weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

If  You Actually May Have A Problem.

Let me get serious here for a few minutes. Yes…even while drinking a martini I can still get serious. Second Life addiction is something every single one of us has made jokes about. It because a serious problem if your real life starts to suffer from your grid hopping. Not only are you missing out on many exciting real life things but you are also hurting those who care. People who may depend on you on a daily basis. Be it friends, co-workers, or family. Children cannot take care of themselves. Bills cannot be paid without funds. Problems in the real world will not be automatically fixed. Second Life is not a valid excuse to avoid doing things because you might feel stressed or tired. In-World “issues” are not valid when you have pressing real life commitments.  Using Second Life to avoid real life issues is not the answer. Don’t be selfish with your addiction at the cost of others. If you have a problem get the help you need.


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