Table For Six: An SL Dining Experience

*UPDATE* Sept. 2011 – The restaurant, sadly, is no more. I teleported to the link & it was gone. I searched for it, looked through profiles, & found nothing. This saddens me as I feel SL could use a little more of the unusual yet realistic role playing. Like a good old fashion RPG of a nice dinner out.

I have been wanting to get a large group of people together for a full service Second Life dinner for years. Getting everyone dressed up at once, along with finding a nicely put together full service Second Life restaurant is not an easy task. I finally decided to take the plunge & make reservations at Visions Restaurant. I had been there a few times to scope out the surroundings & was very impressed by how elegant it was put together.

Reservations were very easy to make. I went in & talked to the hostess who set up the time &  number of people (Six of us attended). After payment. I was given a receipt to hold onto if needed when my party arrived the next evening.  Very straightforward & easy to do.

When our entire dinner party arrived (after two hours beforehand..not counting IM’s & Twittering…of discussing what everyone was wearing) we were met at the teleport point, led into the restaurant & seated. From there everyone was given a menu to wear so that we could flip through the pages & decide what we were having. The menu is a very nice, realistic touch. If I’m eating at a fancy restaurant in real life I need to be able to decide what I am in the mood for. With a menu & a realistic SL restaurant role play I was able to order a three course meal & drinks. I enjoyed this experience immensely.

Bishop Drank MANY Tiny Martini's.

Our entire dining party had an amazing time together. We had a plate swap, vegetarian lasagna questions, & not once did I actually picked up the fork to eat my dinner. I was enjoying my prim gin & tonic far too much (along with my real life ones). My dinner was more of a pick at the food drink all of the booze variety. I think that the only complaint with the entire experience was the time between courses. We had fun chatting & real life drinking but we had hit two hours before we had even ordered deserts. (Which I missed do to real life commitment…sleep) Personally I didn’t mind the wait (though it shouldn’t take ten minutes to get prim drinks). As I stated before…I was real life drinking anyways so it gave me time to make more gin & tonics.

I actually plan on going back very soon.  Must take a good friend of mine who is on a different time zone for a brunch experience. I am also planning on doing any business meetings via dining here. It is the perfect setting to impress someone along with a wonderful place do discuss important issues. There is also live music on Saturdays along with the dining that Bishop & I are very interested in doing together. Just be sure to bring your manners, dress formally, & make reservations.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Visions Restaurant

Dress is Semi/Formal

Be sure to be on time or a few minutes early to insure your reservation & dining experience.

Couples Inside Dining 500L. Couples Yacht Private Dining 1000L
Private Dinner Party 300L per person (party of 6 or more)
Individuals 250L per person

Karaoke Wednesday Nights 6SLT – 8SLT
250L per person

Saturday Night Live Music and Dinner
650L a couple inside dining
300L per person


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