SLkiss & SLmake up: A Drama Of SLepic Proportions

I’m really in a pissy mood. This has been a lasting bad mood for quite some time now. The saving grace of my bitchtasticlly delicious mood is the bottle of Jager chilling in my freezer for tonight. It makes me less likely to tell you to bite me.

Rainy Day Tea & Cookies For One

What is turning mild-mannered Tipsy into her alter ego? The domestic diva original SL alcoholic Bitch of DOOM??? Drama….drama….yes…I’m going to say it again (because it’s so much fun to type)….DRAMA. I’m a pretty hermit oriented virtual person at times. I enjoy wandering around by myself doing this or that (while drinking a martini of course).  People coming & going throughout the years combined with some people being unable to rez due to older computer systems has made me even more independent (if that was even possible) than ever. This does not mean I shy away from avatar interaction with close friends. I have amazing, awesome, drinking buddies. So I’m not all hermit inside.  Drama makes me Leary of the intent of others due to real life, virtual life, & a keen knack for figuring shit out.

It is so easy to get sucked into the SLdrama. Those who throw “I do not put up with drama” in their profiles are guilty. Those who swear that drama gives them a rash are guilty. Everyone…no matter how hard you deny it…has either started drama or have found yourself stuck in the middle. Some can whip up a platter of drama on a daily basis. Others seem to always find themselves stuck in the middle of  the drama wars no matter how hard they try not to. We can’t help ourselves. It’s in our nature to get sucked into it. What makes us strong is to find a way out of the drama black hole. Into a better place. Better frame of mind. Something better for everyone involved.

How do we prevent the swirling drama cloud? How do we dig ourselves out from under the weight of drama? Communication. Sometimes friendly but often painful communication. Most people feel a need to shield others from the main issue that is causing the drama rather than facing it head on. This could be due to a selfish need to self preserve. Fear of hurting the other parties feelings. Fear of loss of friendship or loved ones. The bottom line is…get over it. Get the fuck over it. GET OVER IT. You cannot save the feelings of everyone every single time shit pops up. You need to stop, breath, scream a few times in frustration, then explain the situation. Grow some balls & express your distaste for a drama situation, ideas for a solution for all parties involved, & resolve the problem. You cannot stop drama if you don’t discuss the issue. I’m a blunt person. I’ll tell you the business. Get over it. Tell everyone involved your feelings on the situation. If they don’t understand, get angry, or threaten you with the loss of friendship so be it. They will eventually calm down. If they cannot then were they ever true friends to begin with. Is the headache & stress of this drama really worth it?

If someone comes to you to express a need to communicate a drama issue with you…stop. Don’t go with your first instinct to get defensive. Just stop. Listen to the situation. Give your input when it is warranted but allow the individual coming to you to explain the situation. Stop & let them lay it all out. They are a brave person for coming to you in a calm manner. Respect that calm manner by listening. An open line of calm communication without interruption or anger will be solved much faster then one that involves screaming. Express your feelings about the situation when they are done with their side.

When you find yourself stuck in the middle of a drama situation that you have become a part of do not be afraid to express it. You may get the “it’s none of your business” speech. If it wasn’t your business then how did you end up in the middle of things? You are also entitled to your opinion & should be free to express this. Even if you are just there to defuse a situation & come to some sort of conclusion.

Drama is no fun. It pisses me off. Writing about drama gives me an excellent excuse to type the word “fuck” a lot. Make Second Life a fun place to be with those you care about. Destroy these drama flare ups as soon as they start to spark.  I’ll deal with my drama issues if you deal with yours. And don’t kill the messenger. Sometimes things need to be done. And shut the fuck up already, speak your mind, & let me fucking drink my booze in peace.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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