The Day The Music Died

Oh Virtual Overlord......

When I first started SL there were people we looked up to. The people we considered the “Rock Stars” of Second Life.  The ones that we had read about time & time again in various books, articles, & news stories. Those of us that aspired to be known on site wanted to be them. Wanted to walk around like a virtual rock star. Then reality, & the past few years, came crashing down upon us. There are no “Gods Of Rock”. The famous names of virtual worlds have crumbled. This really makes me weep for all of us.

Why would something as simple as not having a virtual idol or prim god mean so damn much to me? It is simple. Where would the almighty martini be if we didn’t add the olive? If peanut butter would have never met jelly then where would our simple lunch sandwich realm lie? We need something to latch onto. Make our virtual lives have meaning. Make us believe that in a few years we won’t be tossed aside like nerds attempting to get George Lucas’s autograph. Give us faith in the system. Give us a little something called “Hope”.

I need something to believe in. Something that tells me that I have not wasted almost four years of my life in a dying world. Something that screams “I am here for you! I understand what you are thinking.” I want you to actually understand what I am thinking. When we skip from CEO to CEO it only makes me doubt you more than a hooker without a condom. Give me purpose. Why am I here still in this virtual world oh virtual Gods? Give me an almighty sign of your virtual being that tells me that I won’t lose the really close friendships I have made here. I want to know that my good virtual karma will carry over to my next virtual life.

We can start by going back to our roots. The paying resident is important. Now…I understand that all lindens are important to you. There are MANY MANY people in this virtual world who put real life money into you to pay for things. Just because they don’t have a premium account DOESN’T mean that they don’t put some sort of funds into you every week. Just because they do not own a LARGE corporation does not mean that they don’t contribute to the large wheel that keeps on spinning $$$. All we ask for is the help we deserve. If we pay you a service, be it premium or not, then we deserve the proper respect & help. If you cannot provide for us then downfall isn’t too far in our future.

We can start by answering the abuse reports of your fellow PAYING residents who own businesses & CANNOT function if you don’t deal with it. Especially after THREE WEEKS of having this problem. This may completely stop us from paying you anything & paying someone else for land, business locations, etc.  Why would anyone pay for something that is broken? Will it not be fixed by those that have the ability to fix our issues when we cannot? But I digress….

I need my idol. I need my someone to believe in. Without it I feel we have no hope to survive. (& I even fear it will be an apocalypse without zombies. DAMN IT! I’ve been preparing for one of those since I was ten.)

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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