Worst Adult Area EVER

The Dark Alley Of Second Life decides to go ahead and boast rape, kidnapping, & deviant sex. The “ADULT” areas of Second Life. Let me reiterate this. Rape & kidnapping. Yet……while writing an article by exploring sex of Second Life (For all you pervs) I ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Without saying a word I was banned for griefing. Griefing? Exactly how was I griefing? By standing at the side of the road people watching & listening to others I was griefing. I’m not exactly sure what happened. My standing there caused issue? I’ll be reported to LL for exactly what? They want to report a PAYING…yes I will repeat this…PAYING LAND OWNING BUSINESS OWNER customer for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time? This is what is completely fucked up with Second Life. People, on a whim, reporting someone based on the fact that they won’t, & I’m not trying to be dirty or mean, have sex with them. It boils down to this. I am standing someplace not wearing a slutty outfit looking to get laid & I will get banned.Without a word or explanation.

In conclusion, I will give anyone looking for some pretty rough sex, a HORRIBLE review for treatment of many of us from Dark Alley.


P.S. – I would like to point out for the record that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTION OF OTHERS. They are their own person. I AM NOT A SLAVE NOR DO I HAVE A MASTER. Therefore….their actions NEVER speak for me.


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