We’ve Moved!!

We’ve moved the SLA in-world offices to a new location. This is strictly our office location. Anyone is welcome to drop in. Get information about the SL Alcoholics Group & SLA Review. If you want you can also drop us a note card with review ideas, comments, & landmarks to places you would like us to check out.

Why did we move to just having an in-world office as to our lounge to hang out? There are a few factors that made us decide that the best thing for the SLA Review was to just have an in-world office. Not having a large plot of land to also house our SL home gives us an opportunity to start doing something we both miss. Rental reviews. YES!! Rental reviews will be coming back! Super excited about this.  I get a bored feeling from staring at the same land over and over again. Change the house. Change the trees. It’s still the same view. This gives me an opportunity to go back to our roots from 2007 & once again throw out the occasional rental review. I enjoy nomad living. Moving from place to place. It will benefit us all. (Be on the lookout. I might come your way rental peeps.)

The other reason for the change to just an in-world office format is a land issue I have had for a month. This is the main HUGE issue that has made me decide to just to with an in-world office.  I have filed MANY abuse reports on an individual due to encroachment, prim abuse, etc. None of which have been taken care of for almost a month. Due to these issues I have been unable to use have of my land for anything. I have had to shrink down & remove various things to be able to block off the unsightly issue. There is also an issue of sound. An object with sound that I cannot remove. So I have also been assaulted with noise pollution. Bishop put it best. “If you were to pay for cable tv & they installed it wrong would you want to pay? If you only got half of the channels but they wouldn’t come and fix it would you be happy? Would you want to pay for a service you can’t fully use?”  He has a valid point. I cannot justify paying for it if I can’t use it completely.

So…rental reviews will be back!  A cozy in-world SLA Review office. I feel free of ownership woes. Let’s crack open a beer in celebration!!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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