Keep Your Pants On: Defending My Right Not To SLex

When you decide to have sex in a virtual world you often find yourself defending your actions. Your right to be an escort/stripper/patron of various Second Life sex areas.  The various reasons why you may choose to have sex online. Be it a safe alternative to picking someone up in real life, long distance relationship, needs able to be met virtually. The reasons can go on. Everyone may have a different reason as to why they get their groove on.  You have absolutely every right to defend your cyber sex actions. I have every right to defend my non-cyber sex actions. I bet many of you are currently thinking “You are so mean Tipsy! You must not approve of my (insert sexual words here) actions.” I don’t disapprove of you virtually getting it on. I applaud you. I like the fact that you feel comfortable doing it in Second Life. I raise a rousing “Rah!” to the fact that you will defend your position. Like you, I sometimes feel the need to defend myself because I don’t do Second Life sex. Sometimes I find myself having to give reason as to why I choose not to. I have a right to defend myself for my actions just like anyone else.

So…why the HELL don’t I have Second Life sex?  We can go with the simple answer. Why would I have a need to do it in Second Life when I am almost always sitting 3 feet away from someone I can have real life sex with? There is no need for us to go onto a virtual world to do it when we can actually do it. It’s a valid point. A great answer. But..that’s not the only reason I choose not to screw in Second Life. Avie sex doesn’t turn me on. It’s like watching little cartoon people bumping uglies. Most of the time you will find me giggling at people having sex in various places on SL. NO!!! I’m not laughing at them. I’m not making fun of them for doing what they want to do. Just the actions & movements make me giggle.


My bed....No Sex Poses...Nada..



What about cybering? Isn’t that completely different then just jumping on a pose ball & going to town? Yes…it is completely different. Setting a scene. Talking dirty. I kick ass in those two departments yet I have no need to cyber. The internet is full of porn. I’ve got sex sitting three feet from my desk at their own desk. I don’t have a need to talk dirty to someone on Second Life. I’ve got many options. (Yes..I understand that not everyone has these options. I do.)

Why do you go to some of the DIRTIEST places on Second Life? If you don’t have SLex (I like my term…Sex…SL…SLex…) then why would you even go to an adult area on the grid? Just because I don’t have sex with people on Second Life doesn’t mean  I can’t go anyplace that has sex. I’m allowed. I’m age verified. I’m an adult. I LOVE sex. LOVE IT!  I’m not a prude. OH BOY! Trust me. (Ask my friends. Ask Bishop hehe.) I have numerous friends who work in an adult oriented SL industry. I go to visit them. I have lots of friends who enjoy a variety of sexual things & want to visit many places that are adult oriented. I go with them. Maybe I’m checking out a place to write about.  I like going. I have no problem going.  I actually dig dirty urban cities that are well put together. If it gives you the feeling that you might actually be mugged then they did a kick ass job. I’ve gone to adult SL movie theaters with friends to riff porn. It’s all in good, yet adult, fun. And I like having fun…but I can do that without taking my panties off for someone.

Wait…but aren’t you somewhat of a flirt at times? HA! If you are polite I’m always polite back. If you annoy me I’ll calmly tell you that you annoy me. Everyone flirts. It’s human nature. But…do you have sex with everyone you flirt with? Real life? Second Life? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t.

Just because I’m a pretty female with a nice looking avatar doesn’t mean that I’ll sleep with you. I’m also not going to let you dominate me. Be it real life or SL….that’s never going to happen. For all I know you could be a really unattractive, sweaty, smelly individual (who may or may not be the same-sex as your avie). You could be a psycho. You could be jobless sitting at home doing nothing but occasionally selling your plasma to pay for your SL fix.  I don’t know you. For all I know you could lie about who you. I am always a very honest & upfront person. But how can I truly know that you are also?  I could go on and on.

I choose not to have Second Life sex & I’m proud of my decision. It fits me. Just like the fact that there is only a 5% chance you will ever see me in pants on SL or most of the time I’m drinking a virtual martini. It’s who I am. Be who you really are. Don’t go along with the “cool kids” because you feel you have to. Do your own thing. I chose not to have SLex because I have MANY other options to get my game on. You choose what you want to choose because it’s right for you. Now put your pants back on & let’s do some shots already.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. damn… another dream shattered…
    I wont have SLex with Tipsy 😦

    that’s so harsh… I know I should go on an live my second life now, but all I can think is how? why?

    ok… I think I need my whisky now…

    1. LOL! Well Mr. McGillivary you have to hang out with me sometime anyways. I can’t completely shatter your dreams until you hang at my SL Crib. 😀

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