Dear SLanta Claus,

Hi SLanta Claus! It’s me “Tipsy”. know. The one who leaves you martini’s & extra olives instead of cookies & milk each year? How is Mrs. Claus doing? I hope she enjoyed the Cosmopolitan cocktail maker set I gave her for Xmas last year. She is such a lovely woman. (LOVE her sugar cookie recipe by the way. Thank you for the copy.) I know you read my site & it’s so much easier then writing you a letter this year. I know you get a lot of letters (I’ve seen your post office).

We need to reorganize your list skills SLanta

I’ve been extra specially good this year. I’ve given away tons of free clothes to new residents who needed to start out with something. I’ve given directions. I’ve written my little heart out about Second Life. I don’t ask for much this year.

*The prim attack on my land after MONTHS of not getting any help cleaned up. Oh SLanta…I’ve written OH SO MANY abuse reports on each and every item. Yet it is still there. Could you kinda nudge someone to finally get this shit (pardon my language SLanta) cleaned up?

*The money to pay for my land for the month of December. Getting donations is a hard thing to do in these times. I do it because I love it. Not because I want things out of it. But SLanta…you can always help me out.

*I want my friends, who I love, to have a great, fun, exciting, & drama free holiday season. We all deserve a break!

*Fun to be found that doesn’t always involve shopping & clubs. Bring us a little holiday magic SLanta!

*Could  you do something extra for me SLanta? Could you bring “st” Bishop a little something special this year? He deserves it & so much more.


I hope we are still up for our after Xmas party. The tequila you brought last year was absolutely splendid! I remember Mrs. Claus getting a little drunk & singing “You give love a bad name”. I never knew she could sing so well. I have enclosed a picture of Dasher & I comparing antlers. His were bigger of course. Mine had style.

Have a wonderful Xmas SLanta Claus & I’ll see you for drinks on the 26th.

Your bestest drunken friend in the world,

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Here's The Picture...Dasher & I look smashing

P.S. – For all of my friends reading my letter to SLanta Claus I am including a SLURL to the North Pole. So you can have your own chat with SLanta! Click HERE! Add your letters to SLanta Claus in our comments area. I bet he’ll read all of your letters you good little alcoholics you.


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