BLOCK! Early Morning Harassment

I had someone recently pop up on Second Life with an IM stating that they knew me over two years ago but hadn’t spoken to me in years. The name sounded extremely familiar but I couldn’t exactly place how or where I have known them. Over 2 years is a long time to not speak to someone. I was polite. Asked how they knew me.

That is when they decided to play some weird game of “Guess how you know me because I’m not going to tell you.” Annoying. I gave a few half assed guesses but the whole guessing thing was creepy. Didn’t feel right. I said I’m not guessing who the hell you are because even if I got it right you wouldn’t tell me anyways. I left it at that.

Yesterday I started receiving IMs that kept starting out with them slapping my ass. Now…my little alcoholics….if you have learned anything about me from this’s that I DO NOT APPRECIATE someone starting out a conversation by slapping my ass. I don’t appreciate a rude gesture from someone who has given me a hard time to begin with. I don’t know you. Why in the HELL would I want you to slap my ass? I started out by politely asking them to stop. After much “Why? Why? I don’t understand? Why would you care if someone slapped your ass?” questions that I shouldn’t have to answer due to the fact that I don’t have to give any reason why I not so politely told them to not do it. (I may have involved using a bat in a nice so nice way on them.) At this point I have said to myself “Fuck…well this is harassment!” & went about to mute, block, ban from my lands, & kick out of the SL Alcoholics group.

Before I could even do all of this they threw in one last ass smack (even though I have REPEATEDLY asked them to stop). They are now banned from absolutely everything.

What can we learn from this situation. Many different things. I’m sorry to say (Actually I’m not sorry…we have the right to say NO) but a LOT of us woman on Second Life are not here for your personal amusement. We do not appreciate you greeting us with an ass smack. We are not here for you to boss around. Nor are we here for your sexual pleasure. Many of us don’t give a crap if that’s the way you think it works for everyone. Because it doesn’t. It’s rude. It’s crude. And it’s disrespectful. And I won’t put up with anyone being disrespectful to me in any way.

If you’re being harassed by someone on Second Life don’t put up with it. Don’t think you have to put up with someone else disrespecting you. Block them so they can no longer contact you. Delete them out of any groups you run so they cannot see you on or contact you via your groups. Ban them from all land you either own or rent. That way they cannot show up on your land to cause problems. You have the power to make it stop. And if the harassment gets worse than you have the power & the right to report them.

Second Life..make it your own. A place of fun. Not a place to put up with assholes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – I would like to PLEAD with LL to get on the ball when it comes to groups. As it stands right now, even though I am the group owner, you can eject someone out of an open group but they can just join back up. This makes it difficult to eject people who are harassing others because they will just keep joining. I want my group to be open so that anyone can join. I just need the power to block those who ruin the fun for everyone. Till then I have to keep the SL Alcoholics group as invite only. Not fair to me or to the good people of Second Life. If you want to join just let me know.


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