3 Places To Visit This Weekend

The weekend is fast approaching. Tired of going onto Second Life with your martini in your hand going “Uhhhh…What should we do?”. Yeah…I hate it when that happens. Here are 3 places to check out over the weekend.

Mmm Giant Gingerbread


The Dreams sim currently has this really kick ass snowman contest going on. After wandering around looking at every single snowman I ended up voting for one that was run over by a small snowman on a sled. (hehe…made me laugh). The sim also has Christmas window displays surrounding the snowmen. LOVE IT! Reminds me of going to see Christmas displays as a child. I’m impressed. (The sim does various contests for builders throughout the year. Really impressed with their Christmas contest.)

Feeling All Artsy

Primtings Museum

This makes the nerd inside of me feel all warm & fuzzy (on top of the martini fuzzy feeling). Primtings is a museum that showcases real life works of art in 3D form. You get to see a picture of the real art work next to the 3D rendering. Nothing makes my geek happier (besides really expensive booze) then being able to stand in a Van Gogh painting. Well worth taking your time to wander & read about each work of art.


Tipsy Riding In A SWEEET Ride

Train & Tram Store

I HATE writing about shopping. Why? Well…it’s really simple. There is MORE THEN ENOUGH shopping on Second Life. There is also a lot of people who write about & discuss SL shopping. You don’t need another person mumbling about shopping when there are more then enough things to see & do that don’t involve buying new outfits. With that said…this place made my list because it reminds me less of a store & more like a train museum. I LOVE trains. I love going to train museums. (I told you…nerd with booze). Visiting this place gave me a feeling of train history. I also got to ride in a tram. Who doesn’t love that?

That should get you started on the road to finding something to do on Second Life this weekend. Remember…put down the shopping bags & explore something new. (And if you find yourself on a tram appreciate the ride. Instead of the shopping.)

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – (Semi Shameless Plug Warning) Don’t forget that The SLA Review Sponsored Lush Theater is currently showing Christmas movies for the entire month of December. Our way of saying “Happy Holidays” to you all. (Don’t forget to grab a drink at the drunken snack bar. It wouldn’t be the SLA Review if it didn’t have booze attached to it!)


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