Divorcing My Land

I have a few pieces of land that I own on Second Life. I should use the word “had” in that sentence. I had a few plots of land on Second Life. I still have my cozy SLA Office. What I no longer have is a slab of dead weight that I’ve been dragging around for WAY over a year. A costly, pain in my ass, thorn in my side plot of land that has taught me quite a few virtual lessons.

I’ve owned lots of land in the past. Each time I have sold my land off I have felt a sense of freedom. I’m no longer tied down to something. I am no longer a slave to my land. I don’t have to spend HOURS standing around on it to justify paying for this virtual plot. There is no need to spend my precious time fixing it up or changing it around. No more money spent on buying buildings or anything else I can think of to stick on it. I am free. I’m free to go out and explore. Free to stay someplace else. Get bored. Move on. I can spend my time exploring & enjoying the things in Second Life that I enjoy.

I have also learned my lesson. Due to the fact that I spent MONTHS attempting to get items carelessly laid on my land & the lands surrounding me (As well as the sky) I will no longer pay LL a large sum of money to “own” land. I’ll pay my premium for my little office plot. (It’s been cheaper than any office space rental that doesn’t suck ASS) Poor response time (I should say no response) has left a bad taste in my mouth. I can no longer justify paying for land I cannot use. I cannot justify spending all of my time standing on my land to make it worth my money. How…dull.

So…what am I going to do with myself? Where the hell am I going to change & put all of my junk? Very good question. One that I’ve been asking myself (as well as spending hours on a crappy search). This is an opportunity to go forth into the virtual world & once again review rentals. It also lets me downsize my virtual existence (something I’ve wanted to do). I am like the well dressed & showered hobo who just happens to carry a martini instead of wine in a paper bag. (Wait…that would be a wino…hmmm..)  I do not need a lot of space. I don’t need a bedroom. I don’t need a bathroom (Seriously…they look really awesome….but no one takes a piss…). I just need a nice, quiet, peaceful, small space. Someplace to change, think, & doesn’t cost me a virtual arm & leg. Just as I don’t want to be a slave to land ownership I also do not want to become a slave to rentals. I want small & nice at a small price.

This Hobo Is Riding The Rails Baby!

To Be Continued…….

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*I’ve checked out two rentals since selling my land off & becoming a hobo. A review on both rentals will be out soon. I’ll let you stew over this one for a while. And think about what owning land, if you do, has done to you. SLA REVIEW HOMEWORK TIME: Do you find yourself spending hours on your land to justify it’s cost? Are you spending gobs of money on upkeep, buildings, furniture, etc? Are you happy? What would you do if you sold your land & became a hobo? Teacher “Tipsy” wants to know. There will be a test.*


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